Pride Productions Update

Continuing Our Craft Via Distance Learning

Dear Families,

Over the last week we have begun to see the effects of COVID-19. With school closures now extending into April, a lot is uncertain. While we are just beginning to receive guidance on many areas, I did want to reach out with the information I have been given.

Please remember that this is an evolving situation and please know that I will continue to share updates as everything unfolds.

Most importantly:

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay strong.


Ms. Ramacci : )

"Theatre allows us to cross the frontiers between you and me." ~Jerzy Grotowski


During the next few weeks we have been asked to move into a continuity of learning model. This means that we will be offering reinforcement opportunities for students in all of our classes. We are still awaiting more information and guidance about addressing unfinished assignments/units and introducing new material.

On Monday, I will be sharing reinforcement opportunities for my classes. I hope you find them enriching, as we navigate theatre through the lens of distance learning.


I know that grades have been on everyone's mind. Thank you to those families that have been looking online and assisting their children with missed assignments and make-up work.

However, yesterday LCPS asked us to wait on updating our grade book until given approval from our administration.

In the meantime, please know that I am actively monitoring previous assignments and those who are turning in late work or missed assignments.

Thank you for your patience as we wait for additional guidance on grading.


As you may have heard, the CAPPIES organization made the challenging decision this week to cancel the rest of the 2019-2020 season, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the cancellation of this year's gala and all awards for the year. Since we are a proud member of the CAPPIES, I know this is difficult to process. While all signs point to next year being "back to normal", I do recognize that this does not make the loss of this year any easier.

On a brighter note, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank our own CAPPIES team for representing us well in the community earlier this year. We appreciate you being ambassadors of Pride Productions and lifting up the work of our fellow DMV high school theatre programs.


Although I do not have clear answers about our spring musical, I did want to share the following:

  • I have been having an ongoing dialogue with Mr. Adam (since our 5am announcement last Thursday) about the future of Pippin. He has encouraged me to be patient as we learn more about the lasting effects of COVID-19, via our LCPS Administration and the VA State Health Commission.

  • As we learn more about the length of time devoted to distance learning, I look forward to ongoing conversations with my fellow Performing Arts colleagues regarding this production.

Ultimately, there are many factors that will impact the future of Pippin - including the date of return to Heritage and the many other events that will need to be held in the Auditorium at the end of the school year. Please know that while I do not have a final answer, that the next steps are being carefully considered during this ever evolving landscape of COVID-19. While I know it is challenging to be patient, I would ask for your support as we continue to evaluate what a safe end of the year will look like at Heritage.

AUDITIONS FOR 2020-2021 CLASSES (Musical Theatre & Theatre 3/4)

While I know this only applies to certain eligible students, I did want to share this information about 2020-2021 auditions:

  • Currently, auditions have been postponed. While we do not have a new date for auditions, please know that I have requested more information from Mr. Adam and Ms. Eicholtz regarding the new timeline.

  • Please know that the requirements (prepared pieces) will not change - so keep practicing!

  • We are still considering the method of presentation. We might be switching from live to video submission, so please stay tuned.

As with many of the topics above, I'll share more information when I can.


I know that this is a challenging time for an interactive and connected art form like ours. Theatre thrives when we can be face-to-face and together as a family, which isn't a possibility right now. Since we are all missing each other, it is more important than ever to connect in new and creative ways so that our family dynamic can overcome the COVID-19 separation.

If you have creative ideas about how we can add a little more magic to our days, please let me know via Remind or email. Keep smiling and know that we will move forward stronger than ever before.

Heritage High School

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