Neonatal Nurce

Faith Mayer

Neonatal Nurcing

  • is a nurse that provides care for new born babies from day 1 to day 28. the Salary for a neonatal nurse is about $66,000-$92,000 a year.
  • Level 1 consists of caring for healthy newborns. Level I nurseries are now uncommon in the United States. Healthy babies typically share a room with their mother, and both patients are usually discharged from the hospital quickly.
  • Level 2 provides special care for premature babies or ill newborns. In this level, infants may need special therapy provided by nursing staff, or may simply need more time before being discharged.
  • Level 3 treats newborns who cannot be treated in the other levels and are in need of high technology to survive, such as breathing and feeding tubes. Nurses comprise over 90% of the NICU staff.
  • Level 4 includes all the skills of the level 3, but involves the extensive care the most critically and complex newborns. This facility will have 24 hour resident neonatologists and surgeons. They are involved with intricate surgical repairs like congenital cardiac issues and acquired malformations.

Becoming a Neonatal Nurse