do you want drilling in our homes

goverment trying to drill oil in alaska

look at what could happen !!!!

the government is trying to drill oil in our homes . this cant be done .

look at these fscts

1 its extremly dangerus becuase of what could happen

2 it could ruine an enviroment and destroy habitats

3 food chanins can be destroyed and aminals will die

4rivers and lakes can be desrtoyed and all the animals that are in it

5comercial fishermen will lose their jobs

so many bad things will happen if somthing goes wrong

its a disaster waiting to happen

the cost of drilling oil

the cost of drilling is outrageous excessively if theirs a oil spill. it will cost billions to clean it up and years to make the ecosystem right aging. if an oil spill if one happens effects will be still aping at leat 10 years down the road it can ditroy peaceful Alaska and rune environments