Hero Project


Personal Hero Introduction

My personal hero is Steven Feldman, a successful lawyer at a law firm in Chicago. He is my hero because he demonstrates the qualities of an admirable person. He works hard, is generous and kind, and helps others. He is a good role model to look up to and is someone that depicts a hero.
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Hero Definition Essay

The most typical image of a hero is Superman flying through the air, saving babies and fighting villains. Despite the stereotype of a hero being a caped figure standing on top of a building, a real hero is really much deeper than Superman. Not every hero has to have superpowers. A hero is a person who inspires others to achieve great feats and a person who is admired for great deeds or actions.

A hero is a teacher who makes their students confident they can succeed. Consider the intense rigors of school that can be eased by the inspiration of a teacher. How would a student do well if they didn't have a teacher to inspire them to succeed? Many people who achieve great academic feats once had a teacher to guide them through their academic career. They were inspired to work hard in school, and as a result, they went on to do great things. Inspiring others can help you and the world. Inspiration is a direct result of someone inspiring others to achieve great feats.

A hero is a firefighter who saves lives and is admired for doing great deeds. A busy mother of four is frantically cooking dinner on the stove while attempting to watch her children and keep them out of trouble. Distracted by her 6-month-old crawling towards the knife drawer, she leaves the food on the stove and rushes over to close the drawer. The startling chirp of a smoke alarm blares throughout the house, and immediately the stove erupts in flames, the result of a small fire left unattended to. As the mother hurries her children out of the house, trying to dial 9-1-1 as she runs outside, she remembers she forgot her 6-month old son inside the house. In full panic, she hears the distant noise of a siren getting closer. A fire truck halts in front of the house, which is now engulfed in flames, burning to the ground. Six firemen sprint into the house with full body suits on, and spray fire extinguishers in hope they can save the baby and the house. Fearful and in tears, the mother watches in desperation as the flames disappear one by one. As each firefighter exits the house, she has less and less hope that her son survived. Suddenly, the final fireman runs outside, cradling the baby in his arms as he delivers the baby back to its mother. By risking his life to save someone else's, this fireman is an example of a hero who is admired for great deeds. Typically, people are not admired for great individual feats that they earn all by themselves, but more so by positively impacting others. A fireman saving a baby's life is a great example because he is brave, but also helps others who are in danger. A hero is someone who is admired for doing great deeds, and that can be anyone. Regardless of saving lives, helping the needy, or just making others feel good, doing great deeds is a sign of a hero.

A hero is a teacher who makes students confident they can succeed. A hero is a firefighter who saves lives. A hero can also be a superhero who has super powers, weapons, and a cape, inspiring millions of children around the world. While most Americans are none of these things, all heroes have one thing in common: They inspire others and are generous, selfless people. Being a hero may seem like a hard job, but it is a label that can be acquired through kindness and dedication. From Superman to ordinary people, anyone can be a hero.

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A special person,

admired for their actions,

that makes a hero.

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