Naegele News

Midweek Addition 11-11-15

Join us on Monday Evening!

  • Come join us on Monday, November 16 at 5:30 pm for a Chromebook Information and Sharing Night!
  • Ask questions and receive tips on Chromebook care and operation
  • Bring Portland students and let them show off the work we have been doing on our devices so far
  • Participate in activities on the Chromebooks while you are here, led by your student experts
  • Choose to sign an optional One2One Risk Damage waiver to protect your student's Chromebook
  • Take home your student's Chromebook that very evening!

Classroom Happenings

  • Students are revising and editing their writing in Google docs for the first time this week!
  • We have been learning about possessive nouns in writing. Point out different reasons we add "s" and "'s" to words, and how this can show ownership in writing you read with your third grader. For instance, we might write "Logan's Chromebook" or "Alaya's writing."
  • Students are exploring the Northeastern region in our PBL project right now! They are answering research questions and writing a travel blog. It is very cool to see where their questions are taking them!
  • We have a math test (platypus) on Friday over beginning multiplication strategies! So far, students are doing an awesome job using repeated addition, arrays, tables, and tree diagrams to help them solve multiplication problems.
  • We are finishing up our official unit over inferences in Reader's Workshop, though we will continue to strengthen this skill in small groups. We will be moving on to asking deeper level questions in our next unit. more thing

Our newsletters (like this one) and other resources are now available on Canvas instead of the Weebly website. The Canvas website is replacing the Weebly class website for many reasons, including security and the convenience of having student assignments and family communication in one place. I am moving all the old resources, like copies of reading logs, videos, and forms, to Canvas. You can get a number from the office to access Canvas if you do not have that already. This number will not only allow you to read our news online and view our pictures--you can observe what we are actually doing online in class!