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May 6, 2019

eSchool Change

Due to an error currently You MUST use 100 points total for an assignment.

Even though the gradebook is set to calculate grades as a percentage and using other point totals is usually okay, it WILL NOT WORK RIGHT NOW. We do have a case in to get this fixed but we feel that it may be slow in coming.

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More Equipment Issues- Tis the Season...

While imaging the Navy cart this week, Victoria discovered two keyboards with keys popped off.

While imaging Sam Houston, only half the laptops were actually plugged in and charging.

We have also found some logged in to google accounts and with food all over them. Yuck.

And the Brown cart is down a Chromebook since one now has a cracked screen.

Make kids sign the equipment check out sheet...PLEASE. Every time. On Chromebooks this automatically comes up when students open their browser. On iPads it is a link on the home screen. On PCs they can visit bit.ly/LTHScheckout OR if they are signed in to Google it will be in their LTHS bookmarks folder.

Please report damage when you see it by entering a help desk ticket. Otherwise we do not know about it.

Thank you!

Digital Melting Pot Gets a Makeover!

We have been working all year to redesign the Digital Melting Pot. We are hoping the new design will make it easier to use! All of the handouts have been updated and they should now be viewable from mobile devices as well.

Find the site as always at bit.ly/digmeltpot

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