Lebron James

by Jake Wilcox

Lebron: World Wide Phenomenom

Lebron James is the best basketball player today. in the last 5 years he has won 4 mvps, a championship, and a finals mvp. He is also one of the most respected basketball players and person in general.

What about out of basketball?

Passion for more than basketball

When lebron is not playing basketball he is with his family. His dad had left before he was born. His mom has been his hero and she has been with him the whole way. He also goes to NBA cares and helps people that need help. He helps kids to get what they want for christmas when their parents can't afford it. To him families and friends mean the most."Basketball is my passion, i love it. But my family and friends mean everything to me. That's what's important. I need my phone so i can keep in contact with them at all times."