Classroom News

Looking Back and Ahead

New in Math

We have just started our new math unit, Fractions. Students are embarking on a very new approach and it has ignited a lot of inquiry and perseverance in our kids. Students have been working in partnerships to prove and defend their thinking in a Math Congress setting. Please ask you child about this new approach. Today one of the students said to me Oh, Ms. Day, my brain is hurting! but in a good way! It must be growing!"

Cameras, Lights, Action!

Students have developed, with your help at home, their business plans for our upcoming Marketplace. Thank you to our parent guest speakers, Marcus's dad, and Sanjana's dad, for helping us with our understanding of fair trade, economics, labor and supply and demand. Now students have turned their focus to marketing their businesses. We have been storyboarding advertisements for our commercials. This week students began filming their commercials on iMovie. It has been a lot of fun!

Fair Trade: Banana Simulation Activity

Students have been learning about the importance of buying fair trade goods, what affect their purchasing has on the world around them. We played the Banana Split Game. The aim of this game was to introduce the banana chain. What happens to a banana before it reaches the consumer . And to discuss the reality of "who gets what" from the sale of the bananas. Students were shocked to learn that the banana worker is the ultimate loser in this chain.