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May 2018

PVMS Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a rigorous, world-class education which inspires students to become active, compassionate, and collaborative lifelong learners who understand and respect other people and their differences.

Learner Profile of the Month: Inquirer

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May- Inquirers

As a PVMS Family, we focus on a different Learner Profile (a trait that we strive to display to become the best people possible) every month. For May, we are focusing on being Inquirers. We are Inquirers when we are naturally curious and enjoy researching new things. PVMS staff members have lime green #IBSTRONG tickets that they are giving out throughout the month to students who are displaying that they are Inquirers. Teachers will also be choosing students for “Student of the Month” who are an example to others in exemplifying that they are Inquirers. We encourage students to wear green on Fridays during May to represent our Learner Profile of the month.

You will see signs displaying the Learner Profiles throughout the school. The profiles are also posted above the white board in each classroom. Teachers have a second set of magnetic Learner Profiles that will make it easier to highlight which Profiles are relevant to the current classroom activity.

April Communicator Students of the Month

Years 1 and 3 Communicator Students of the Month are in the top picture and Year 2 Communicator Students of the Month are in the bottom picture.
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Spring 2018 Testing Dates

  • All students received an important letter regarding Spring 2018 testing dates, which went home with report cards on Monday, April 2nd. Please ask your student for this letter. A copy of this letter can also be found on our PVMS website, under the link labeled “Testing” or in the PDF below.

  • Students receive free breakfast on their testing day from the PVMS cafeteria.

  • Any questions regarding FSA, End-of Course, and District Finals testing, please contact Alyssa Quina at

The Road to Become an IB World School

PVMS applied to be a Candidate School in April of 2015 and was approved the following month. Because we are a Candidate School, we are authorized to implement the Middle Years Programme until we apply to become an authorized World School, which we are doing this school year. Candidate schools make consistent steps over time toward the ultimate goal of becoming an IB World School. Every candidate school is assigned an IB consultant, and ours visited PVMS at the beginning of October for a preauthorization visit. She determined that PVMS was ready to apply to become an authorized school, and we submitted our application on October 16th. On April 2nd and 3rd, a team of professionals from the IB visited PVMS to determine that we have met all the requirements needed to become an IB World School. We should receive feedback and our status as an IB World School by mid-summer. If you have any questions about this process, or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact our MYP Coordinator, Becky Cardinale at

Come support the Arts Department!

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What is Cinco De Mayo?

People in the United States celebrate their country's Independence Day on the 4th of July. Many people believe Cinco de Mayo (“5th of May" in Spanish) is a celebration of Mexico's Independence Day. But it is not!!! Mexico's Independence Day is actually September 16.

So, what is Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that recognizes the victory of the Mexican army over the French army on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. Led by General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín, the poorly equipped Mexican army made a stand against French forces near the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe.

The Mexican victory provided encouragement to the Mexican army and became a source of pride for the Mexican people. Despite being outnumbered by the French, who had about 8,000 men to the Mexicans' 4,000, the Mexican army destroyed a French army that was considered the best in the world at the time and had not been defeated in nearly 50 years.

Although the victory was short-lived — the French would capture Mexico City and take over the country within a year — it represented a moral victory for the Mexican government. It came to symbolize unity and pride in the unexpected victory of a clear underdog.

Today, Cinco de Mayo is not that important in Mexico and mainly celebrated only in the state of Puebla. In the United States, though, Cinco de Mayo has become a significant annual celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. In areas of the country with large Mexican-American populations, such as Portland, Denver and Chicago, large festivals are held. People of all backgrounds celebrate the holiday with parades, parties, and traditional Mexican music, dancing, and foods.

Researchers estimate that more than 150 locations in the United States have official Cinco de Mayo celebrations each year. Cinco de Mayo banners and traditional Mexican symbols, such as the Virgin of Guadalupe, are prominently displayed during events.

If you get the chance to check out a Cinco de Mayo celebration, be sure to try out some traditional Mexican foods. Also, keep an eye out for Mexican dancers and mariachi bands!

IMPORTANT TDAP Letter for Current Year 1 Families

Year 3 End of Year Activities

**All students are expected to follow the student code of contact and to act like principled and caring representatives of PVMS at all activities**

May 18th:


The tickets have been purchased and we're just waiting to go!

Who: Year 3 students who paid to go by the March deadline and have no level 2 or higher referrals or recovery.

When: Friday, May 18th.

Depart PVMS: 3:00pm Students must be in attendance the entire school day.

Arrive back to PVMS: Approximately 2:00am. Please sign up for the Year 3 Remind if you have not already (text @pvms2022 to 81010) to get updates on exact arrival time.

Pickup: Park in the north parking lot, NOT in the parking spaces in front of the school or in the car loop- this space is reserved for the charter busses.

May 23rd:

Year 3 End of Year Dance

Who: Year 3 students who have paid or will pay to attend with no level 2 or higher referrals or recovery. The payment deadline is this Friday, May 11th.

When: Wednesday, May 23rd from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Where: Land O’ Lakes High School Gym

Who: PVMS Year 3 students only. No guests are permitted.

Students may not check out before the beginning of 4th period on 5/23 for pre-dance appointments, etc.

Dress code:


  • No jeans or shorts
  • Dress slacks or suits
  • Ties


  • No jeans or shorts.
  • Modest dresses that are not revealing on the front or back of dress.
  • May be strapless and/or spaghetti straps but must have full coverage.
  • Dresses should not be shorter than finger-tip length.

May 24th:

Year 3 Breakfast

Who: Year 3 Students only

Where: PVMS Cafeteria

When: 8:45am-9:45am

Year 3 Awards Assembly

Families of students who will be individually recognized will receive an invitation by 5/17.

Who: All Year 3 students

Where: PVMS Gym

When: 10:00am-11:00am

Field Day

Who: All Year 3 students who have paid or will pay to attend with no level 2 or higher referrals or recovery. The payment deadline is this Friday, May 11th.

When: 12:30pm-2:50pm


  • Complete change of clothes (including shoes)
  • Plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Sun Block
  • Hat
  • Towel

Dress code:

  • Shorts & t-shirt (PE appropriate clothes)
  • Swim trunks or basketball shorts with a shirt for the water activities
  • No bathing suits are permitted!
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Panthers Shine at Solo and Ensemble!

Congratulations to our Panther Band students as they participated in the Florida Bandmaster Association’s Annual Solo and Ensemble MPA! Pine View Middle School had 16 solo entries this year! 3 students received an Excellent rating and 13 received superiors! We continue to be proud of these fine young musicians and commend the hard work you put into your performances!

Year 3

Julia Schmidt: Flute (S)

Gabriel Jimenez: Alto Saxophone (S)

Jasmine Kelly: Euphonium (S)

Alexander Smith: Alto Saxophone (E)

Jake Conroy: Tenor Saxophone (S)

Julian Jimenez: Trumpet (S)

Logan Fischler: Mallets and Snare (S,S)

Madison Murphy: Clarinet (E)

Haley Hodges: Flute (S)

Year 2

Noelani Hodgson: Bass Clarinet (S)

Ash West: Flute (S)

Lilly Xu: Clarinet (S)

Tiana McKinon: French Horn (S)

Frederic Bowen: Bassoon (S) and Flute (E)

Take Your Sons & Daughters to Work Day

**Please complete the Prearranged Form prior to May 21st and the Take Your Child to Work Worksheet (to be completed the day of the event) that are included directly below this article of the newsletter to participate in this day.**

For parents employed by Pasco County Schools:

District employees who wish to bring their school-age son or daughter to work with them may do so on Monday, May 21st. Employees also must PREARRANGE their children’s absences with their principals and teachers if they plan to participate on May 21st.

All Paws in for incoming Year 1 Students

We will be having our annual All Paws In event on August 2nd at 9:00am for incoming Year 1 students and families. Parent and student attendees will attend separate presentations with information regarding PVMS and will be able to pick up their schedules after attending all sessions. Please stay tuned to our PVMS webpage and social media for more information and RSVP link as the event gets closer!

TEDx Winners!

Congratulations to an outstanding Communicator--Hanna Holmes! Hanna is the winner of the PVMS TedX and will be representing us at district! Hanna will be presenting her speech, “The Disgusting Violation of Human Rights in US Female Correctional Facilities,” at the Pasco County School District Tedx event on Saturday, May 12, 2018, at the Center for the Arts at River Ridge, 2-5pm.

Additional kudos to PVMS’ other great TedX Communicators: Ella Knouse (Runner-Up), Anna Depue, Kennady Gennusa, Mae Morton, and Kobi Page.

PVMS is Awarded an Edible School Garden Grant!

Pine View Middle School is excited to have been awarded the 2018 Edible School Garden Grant! There was an overwhelming response to the grant and we are excited to be provided with an approximate value of $100 in supplies for our school garden.

Thank you to the Student Wellness Policy Council for your support of growing students minds with the implementation of an edible school garden!

End of Year Report Card Access

End of year/4th Quarter Report Cards will be accessible this year primarily within the parent and student portal of myStudent, after final assessment data has been received from the state. Paper copies of Report Card 4 will not be distributed in bulk to families, but can be printed if necessary.

Attention Pasco eSchool Students!

Pasco eSchool students have until May 11 to finish all assignments and May 18th to submit their finals. For students who are taking ASL-If you are unable to finish by the deadline, Nancy Barbara will be extending until August 1st, 2018. Letters will be sent home with students this week for students at risk of not completing by May 18th.

2018-2019 School Year Information

Can you believe that we're already at the end of this year? We've already starting planning for next year!

Important Dates

Secondary Registration Day: August 7th, 2018

1st Day of School for students: August 13th, 2018

Supply Lists

Check out website and social media in June for school supply lists. We post our lists by Year level, to better allow you to plan and shop for supplies while the sales are great!

2018-2019 Athletics

Years 1, 2 and 3 students will be eligible to participate in athletics for the 2018-2019 school year. To be eligible, students must have:

  • No classes to recover
  • a 2.0 from the previous semester GPA (current Year 1 and 2 students' eligibility will be determined based upon 2nd semester of the 2017-2017 school year

All forms and information can be found on the PVMS webpage under the "Athletics" tab

Transportation Verification Letter

Please see the transportation letter below for important information for parents to complete after July 1, 2018.

LOLHS Girls' Basketball

Hello Pine View Middle School graduates soon to be 9th grade high school students.

My name is Coach Ludwig. I am the Head Coach at Land O’ Lakes High School for girls’ basketball. The basketball girls at LOLHS are already preparing for next season. We are running, working out, and playing basketball over the summer.

We encourage any girl that would like to try out for the JV or Varsity basketball teams next season 2018-2019. Try-outs will be in October, but highly suggest you contact one of the coaches beforehand and work out over the summer.

If any of you are interested in participating in girls’ basketball next school year, please have your parent or guardian email me.

My email is:

Assistant - Coach Washburn email:

Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

Coach Ludwig

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Support our Supporters!

A HUGE thank you to our local businesses that support us. If you own a business or know of one who would like to support our school, please contact Becky Cardinale.

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel: Thank you for sponsoring our Panther Pride program!

MIDFLORIDA Credit Union: Thank you for sponsoring out Student Shout Outs!