Are you ready for 2014?

There is SO much in store for us....just you wait!

So happy to say HAPPY NEW YEAR LOCKETTES!! What an amazing year 2013 was......filled with record breaking stats and SO MUCH FUN. I am so thrilled to start another year with you and O2! Here are some small tidbits to help you along with your business!



* LOTS of great info is being shared DAILY on our TEAM PAGE: Be sure to message me on Facebook when you add new designers! We want to welcome them and keep them in the loop too! :)

* Tax time is coming!! Are you prepared? Be sure to check out the O2 Lounge for some helpful tips for preparing your taxes.

Why being an Origami Owl designer is nothing but the BEST!

While I am not at the Director level yet (YET!!!!!!) I was living vicariously through MY mentor and ENTIRE UPLINE (yes, every single one of my upline are Directors and above!!) while they attended the first ever ANNUAL Director's Retreat in Chandler AZ just last week. The pictures, the stories, the pampering (spa day for all!), the LOVE that O2 gave all of their Directors is truly amazing. I can't wait to go next year! (Power of positive thinking, right?) Who's with me?!

Anyway, Senior Director (and former newscaster and hilarious woman) Beth Blemaster was one of the very first designers for O2. She makes the BEST videos on all kinds of things. (Her team name is Best of the can search for it on YouTube) She captured some of the amazing moments in this years Director's Retreat and made this amazing video. I ask you.....will you watch it? I think it will do nothing but confirm why you are here....WHY you are reading this Newsletter...WHY you love O2!!!! HOOT!

Why YOU want to be part of Origami Owl! Notes from the Directors' Retreat 2014


It's a NEW YEAR!!! New year = new you? I am challenging EVERYONE here to take a good look at your goals for this year. Do you want to make an extra $200 a month? $1,000 a month? Quit your job? Earn extra cash for a vacation? Eat healthier? Exercise more? Have you made a DREAM BOARD? If not, you totally should! I did this when I first started last year and it really was a great motivator. Soooooo, I want ALL of you to make a Dream Board and EMAIL IT TO ME!!!!! Sky's the limit! (But remember, make it more reality than fantasy....if you want to go to the moon this maaaay not exactly happen lol) If you create a dream board, you will be entered to win some O2 Swag! Be sure to send me your DREAM BOARDS BY JANUARY 31st!!! Ready? Set? GO!

What is the O2 mission you ask??? Print it out! Keep it somewhere handy! Share it at your Jewelry Bars!

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How are you doing with BOOKINGS???

Are you in a slump after the craziness of the Holidays? Well....DON'T BE!! Did you have a successful holiday season? I ask you...have you followed up with your customers AND hostesses? Have you shared our NEW Valentine's Day line? Hello!!?!?! Heart Locket!!! When was the last time you heard from a Direct Sales Consultant following up on your product/experience after attending a home party? I have never had anyone follow up with me! But think about are a customer at a Jewelry Bar.....SUPER excited to wear your new locket....loving the product.....wear it all the time.....getting lots of compliments....thought about hosting a party....just don't have the time to dig up your contact info....then BOOM! She gets a call from you! and interested in booking or adding on to her collection!
Try it, you may be surprised! :)

Have you caught up on the recent Webinar?!

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Valentine's Day Charms AVAILABLE by January 20th!

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As always, in a bind? Get with your mentor or mentor's mentor with any questions/concerns you have! I am available as well!