Wanted: Dead or alive Listeria

Listeria "the killer" food borne illness

What is Listeria?

Listeria is a serious infection caused by food and its the most important health problem in the USA. Anyone who can catch could be in serious trouble!
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Who can get Listeria?

Any old people, children with immune systems, and pregnant women.

What are the symptoms?

you could have a Fever, stiff neck, confusion, and loss of balance.

What would happen if a pregnant could get it?

She may experience a fever, and non specific sympthoms such as faituge and aches. Most of times out of not she can have a stillborn,miscarriage,premature delievery and or something life threating to the baby inside.
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how can you get this horrible illness?

you can get from contaimed food such as vegetables, animal meat that has the bacteria, processed food, raw milk or food, the ground or from a contaimed stream or ocean.

how long does it take to effect?

it usually takes within a month or 3 to 70 days.

How can we protect ourselves from the disease?

several antibotics are very effective to the organism. if you combine it, use it frequently used.
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