Welcome to my News Letter!!!🤑

Jamy Hong

Eathquake PBL Project

My project was about eathquakes and building Tony Stark's house along with the Driving Question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? My teams building was strong which survived the shake test. The main points throughout the project were teamwork and collaborating with your teammates, learned more and more about earthquakes, and learned about engineering buildings.

30 Hands Project

what i learned during the project was that global warming is effecting the polar bears because global waring is melting ice and fossil fuels are being used for electricity, gasoline, and more. What I enjoyed about the project was making a video, and being creative about the video.
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Video 1

Invention Convention

My invention is solving the problem of overuse fossil fuels. Also when we use fossil fuels, we cause air pollution. Air pollution is harmful to humans and other livings on Earth. Since air pollution is harmful and fossil fuels are causing air pollution, our invention prevents air pollution and overuse of fossil fuels. My invention solve that problem by taking in used water( not fresh water because we don't want the drought to get worse) and turning the water into steam that turns into electricity. Our invention uses no fossil fuels(when the invention turns water into steam it uses energy from a solar panel) and doesn't harm the livings which is air pollution. So our invention solves the problem of air pollution and overuse of fossil fuels.

Extra Paragraph (for extra credit)

my favorite unit so far was The Atmosphere because i got to learn more about the atmosphere. Also, I enjoyed the project 30 Hands because it helped your creativity become stronger and was a lot of fun. This unit was the most enjoyable because there was a lot of drawing and was just really fun and entertaining for me.
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