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Southwest Washington Attends Prevention Policy Day

On February 18th, 2019 around 42 representatives from Southwest Washington attended Prevention Policy Day, an annual statewide event where community groups and coalitions share united prevention messages, stories and data with legislators.

Participants included Prevent Coalition, Longview Anti-Drug Coalition, Prevent Together: Battle Ground Prevention Alliance, Clark County STASHA (Strong Teens Against Substance Hazards & Abuse), Connect Evergreen, La Center United and KLASAC (Klickitat & Lyle Against Substance Abuse Coalition). Coalitions from across the state also attended, amplifying the importance of youth voice in prevention policy on issues such as youth substance use, gun-related violence, bullying, suicide and more.

Coalitions from the region met with a number of legislators, urging them to prioritize prevention. Collectively they met with:

  • Representative Paul Harris
  • Senator Patty Kuderer
  • Senator Vicki Kraft
  • Representative Brandon Vick
  • Senator Annette Cleveland
  • Representative Sharon Wylie

In reflection youth shared the importance of youth voice and how Prevention Policy Day impacted them.

  • "Empowering and valuing youth voices early on will project their lives towards having confidence, passion and grit- some things we all need a little more of!" -Ina age 15.
  • "Being at the capitol and seeing all the hustle and bustle of government life was extremely impactful. Talking to our legislatures was incredibly informative and even if we didn't get all of our points across with the amount of time we had, I came out more informed and eager to start using my voice and making a difference around our community. I'm defiantly happy I came along.” -Olivia age 15.
  • “Youth are able to use their struggles to make the world a better place. We can give our law makers our insights on what is happening through our eyes, and the ideas that we have on what we can accomplish.” -Jaelyn age 15
  • "I thought it was super cool to get to talk with everyone and get to know them and see what they're working on. It was super inspiring to know that I could be part of making a bill. I had lots of fun.” -Maddie age 17

We're grateful for the opportunity and privilege to engage in conversation with decision makers and promote prevention and health as legislative priorities. Click here to locate your legislators and share your story. Stay informed by following Health Policy News by Foundation for Healthy Generations. Look out for Prevention Policy Day 2020.

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Prevent Coalition-Trained Youth Advocate for Legislation

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Youth teaching youth to use their voice.

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April 27th Drug Take Back Event

Free & Safe Disposal

Thanks to our many community and coalition partners across the region 3,678 pounds of medication were safely collected and disposed of during the October 2018 event across Southwest Washington and we're excited to continue this work during National Drug Take Back Day on April 27th, 2019.

Bring unused and expired medication including pills, liquids and inhalers for disposal to five Clark County sites, one Skamania site and two Klickitat sites. PeaceHealth Southwest Urgent Care & Kaiser Cascade Park will be the only sites accepting Sharps or syringes for disposal.

Locks Save Lives

To encourage locking up your prescription medications, we're giving away a free lock box to the first 200 qualified people at two of our Clark county locations: PeaceHealth SW Urgent Care (33rd & Main, Vancouver) and Battle Ground Police Department (507 SE 1st. St., Battle Ground). Take the survey to see if you qualify for a FREE lock box at

Click here to download and print the Clark County event flyer.

Click here for the Klickitat and Skamania Counties flyer.

Click here for a calendar event.

Click here for a full list of disposal sites, addresses and more.

Thank Our Partners

Thank you to all Clark, Skamania and Klickitat County prevention coalitions, local Police and Sheriff offices, medical sites as well as numerous community organizations for serving on our Drug Take Back Committee, helping plan and host the events and providing volunteers. These efforts and Locks Save Lives are funded in partnership with the Washington State Health Care Authority, local substance misuse prevention coalitions and community partners.

Big picture

Partnership for Drug Free Kids collaborated with Child Mind Institute on a new PDF guide for parents and other caregivers. It’s difficult enough if your teen or young adult is struggling with a substance use disorder, but what if they also are struggling with a mental health disorder, like depression or anxiety, at the same time?

What may be behind a young person’s change in behavior is often hard to pin down, particularly when substance use and mental health are both factors. Understanding how these challenges can manifest in a child’s life is essential to keeping kids healthy.

Key findings:

  • 30% – 45% of adolescents and young adults with mental health disorders have a co-occurring substance use disorder, and 65% or more of youth with substance use disorders also have a mental health disorder.
  • Untreated, co-occurring disorders increase risk for self-harm.
  • Thorough evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning of co-occurring disorders requires a professional with expertise in both mental health and addiction.
  • Symptoms of substance misuse and mental health disorders mimic each other.
  • Mental health disorders often lead to “self-medication” with substances. Certain substances are often associated with specific disorders.
  • Parents are instrumental in encouraging treatment for their child or young adult and supporting a treatment program.
  • Integrated care — combining primary care, mental health and substance use services — for co-occurring disorders offers the best long-term prognosis

Click to learn more.

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FDA Takes Action on Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan

On March 4th, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., released a statement announcing several new actions, focused on retailers and manufacturers, as part of FDA’s commitment to combat youth access to e-cigarettes.

  1. The FDA sent a letter to the corporate management of Walgreen Co., requesting a meeting to discuss its stores’ repeat violations of selling tobacco products to kids.
  2. FDA identified 14 other national retail chains as well, whose rates of violative inspections exceed 15 percent of their total inspected stores since the inception of the FDA’s retailer compliance check inspection program in 2010.
  3. FDA sent letters to more than 40 companies seeking information about whether more than 50 products – including a variety of flavored e-cigarette products – are being illegally marketed outside the agency’s current compliance policy.
  4. The agency also sent the first warning letters to several companies for selling electronic nicotine delivery system products and a waterpipe tobacco product with labeling and/or advertising that failed to include the required nicotine warning statement.

Click here to read the full press announcement.
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Join the Community Conversation

West Van for Youth is gathering thoughts on building a resilient and connected community! If you live in West Vancouver...they need to hear from you. This questionnaire is anonymous and voluntary and wants input from all ends of the community including youth, business, parents, recovery community, providers and more.

Click here to take the 10 question survey.

This questionnaire helps write grants, select prevention strategies and make plans for building resilience in Vancouver. Questions Include:

  • What do you wish existed in the community to help youth and families feel more supported and connected?
  • Who do you usually go to if you have questions about drugs and/or alcohol?
  • Do you find it difficult to talk about alcohol and other drugs? Why or why not?
  • It can be really awkward or hard for teens and adults to talk to each other about drugs and/or alcohol. What do you think makes it so awkward or difficult?
  • Which two substances do you think are the biggest issue for youth in West Vancouver?
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Mark Your Calendar

Prevent Coalition Opportunities:

Coalition Coordinators Meeting

March 7th from 9:30 to 11 am

ESD 112 Conference Center, Columbia Room

Vancouver, WA

Youth Substance Use Prevention Committee

Point of Purchase Campaign Advancement

March 19th from 2:30 to 4:00 pm

ESD 112 Conference Center, Chinook Room

Vancouver, WA

10th Graders Talk: Mental Health, Substance Use, Wellness & More

April 11th from 3:30-5pm

ESD 112 Conference Center

Vancouver, WA

Southwest Regional Network Meeting

March 28th from 10 to 11 am

ESD 112 Conference Center, Columbia Room

Vancouver, WA

Drug Take Back Event

April 27th from 10 am to 2 pm

View the web event for a full list of locations.

Click for full calendar of coalition and community events.

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Other Training & Events

Awesome community opportunities not sponsored by Prevent Coalition:

3/8 Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Free to the community from 8-4 pm in Vancouver, WA. Registration required by 3/7 morning, capacity of 15.

3/14 Webinar: Cannabis Advertisement Content in King County Magazines

From 12-1 pm.

3/18 Stand Up for Teens Summit

At Skamania Lodge by Stevenson-Carson School District. Registration closed.

3/18 Ethics in Prevention

From 8-4 pm PST at Health Care Authority, 626 8th Ave SE Olympia, WA. Registration due March 8th.

3/20 Webinar: Policy 101

From 10-11:30 am.

3/20-3/22 Positive Community Norms Institute

At Evergreen State College Longhouse, Olympia, WA. Register by March 12th.

3/26 Hidden in Plain Sight, Presentation by Jim Jensen and Substance Use Panel Event

At Battle Ground High School from 5-8:30pm.

3/27 Webinar: Connecting the Dots with Shared Risk & Protective Factors

From 12-1:30 pm.

4/11 ACES & Resiliency with Dr. Amy Stoeber

From 5:30-7:30 pm by La Center United. No registration required.

4/19 Making Meetings Work: The Art of Facilitation for Prevention Coordinators.

For Prevention Coordinators from 8:30-4:30pm. Registration required, capacity of 25.

4/19 Prevention is a Party

Youth event by STASHA celebrating healthy, pro-social activities. Contact for more information.

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