China Product Boycott

Stop the Purchase of goods that dont belong to us

The stop on the goods

I want to stop the goods from china from being delivered to the U.S. to produce more American jobs and make a growing economy. This then will create jobs that we dont have and it will help those americans out who are struggling and not getting any unemployment.

Take those down who are at the top

We as a nation need to take those who are the big companies first before we take down the little ones for jobs. We need to take the big one's down first because they are the ones with the most jobs and that is what will be the best thing to start with for the americans. In doing this we as a nation save are money and dont have to waste it on other things like buying other goods out of the country. Then we have money as a country to keep us and our nation out of debt and that much more to pay for all kinds of other things.

Top three Items Produced

We as a nation need to take these jobs and show that we can make our own stuff

Quetion's about the proposed Boycott

A little more for those who are wondering how we as a nation are going to do this and that is by a series of advertising and speeking around the nation. This will then create a nation wide pack that we Ammercans can all go in together and vote for the products that are made from

China to br switched to the U.S. to make more jobs.