Population Laws

By Josh,Clay,and Daniel

China's One Child Population Law

China allows ONE child to each family.

After the first child the government provides birth control.

The down side to this is that, when the old generation dies out there will not be enough people to replace them.

This law was created after the civil war in 1949.

AS Mao Zedong proclaimed "Of all things in the world humans are the most precious."

This means popultion laws are wrong.

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Indian Population Law

In India a mother can only have TWO children.

India justifies this by saying it's bad for the mother to have more than TWO children.

It descriminates familys with more than TWO children from working in the government.

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Singapore Population Law

TWO children familys.

Their plan is to first slow and reverse the BOOM in births that started after World War ll.

To encourage parents to have more children because birth numbers had fallen.

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