PK 4.1 News Week 6

What is happening in pk 4.1?

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Dear Parents,

This week we were talking about family members, recognizing your family and families around the world. We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Prek 4 teachers dramatized Goldilocks for our pk4 students. Kids were also acting out Goldilocks in the classroom. We also read and discussed the stories "When I was little and Fingerprint Family". In math, we are still working on number recognition. Next week we will start our new unit about clothes. We start the unit following three main parts:

Begin the Study, Investigate the Topic and Celebrate Learning!

Children are interested in clothes from a very young age. Babies tug at their clothing; toddlers study buttons, snaps, and zippers; and, by the time children are in preschool, they develop distinct preferences for colors, fabrics, and styles. Children's interest in clothing can be the foundation for learning about different kinds of clothes, a variety of fabrics, the processes involved in making and selling clothes, the specialized purposes of garments, and how clothes have changed over time.

We need your help to gather a collection of clothes. We will need spare clothes of all sizes, types, colors and fabrics. Here is a list of suggestions, but may also send in clothes that are not on the list.

jackets, coats, parkas, windbreakers, raincoats, ponchos, suit coats, blazers, vests, sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, skirts, gloves, scarves, bandanas, socks, tights, trousers, dresses, bowties, belts, sashes, pajamas, vests etc.

As we study clothes, we will learn concepts and skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts and technology.

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Every year, ISP contributes to the effort of Fundacion amigos del Niño con Leucemia y Cancer, better known as FANLYC. This is an organization that helps families of children with Leukemia and Cancer, to help cover treatments, a place to stay and much more.

This year, we are sponsoring a child, Temistocles Deago. He’s 8 and was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, or a tumor in the eye. In an effort to raise funds to help the family, we are hosting a FREE CLOTHES day on Thursday, October 2nd. Each child who decides to participate, must pay $2.00. Temistocles will be coming to the school the following week to our school.

Additionally, FANLYC, hold a 24 hour walk-a-thon to raised funds. We are inviting the ISP community to take part in this activity.

FANLYC – 24 hour RELEVO for life

Who: ISP Families

What: 24 hour walk-a-thon

Where: El Causeway, behind Al Dente Restaurant

When: Saturday, October 18h @ 8am through
Sunday, October 19st @ 8am

Why: To help Temistocles pay for treatment.

3 ways to get there:

  1. Park at el Causeway (it will be hectic so plan accordingly)

Registration steps:

  1. ISP and Banco General are partners in this event.

Visit the Banco General booth in order to register, each lap is $5.00


Q & A
How long is each lap?

Each lap is approximately 3 km.

What is my contribution per lap?

There is a $5 contribution per person, per lap.
What else will be there?

There will be numerous companies and organizations leading activities, giving health tips and much, much more. The four areas of activities are: what I eat, what I move, what I control and what I practice.

Wear an ISP shirt to represent our school.

(P.E., sport uniform, etc)

There will also be food and beverage vendors. The Restaurant Al Dente will be open 24 hours to host those participating

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- Pk4.1 Yearbook pictures will be taken on October 2nd. (free clothes and Class picture)On the day the picture is taken, ALL students must wear their DAILY UNIFORM. If ES students are scheduled to wear their PE uniform, free clothes, etc. please send the daily uniform in their backpack.



Pay $2.00 to wear free clothes and support Temistocles Deago, FANLYC child sponsored by ISP.

-Please send pieces of cloth, so we can work with different textures and even design our own piece of cloth.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears