CHE Update for 4/9

Coyote Staff Update

CAASPP Testing

Testing Season is about to get really real and I am excited. Here is our chance to show our students, parents, school district, and the wider community that WE HAVE BEEN KICKING BUTT! The goal setting, hard work, studying, learning, and growth is going to shine in this CAASPP administration. Remember, your attitude and mindset about the test will be obvious to students. Let's get ready to rock it! If you are in a primary classroom and want to adopt a testing classroom (sending positive cards, messages, or videos), reach out to any of our 3rd, 4th, or 5th and get set up.


Shout Out to Mrs. Chun-Remick and Mrs. Oregel for getting after school intervention up and running!

Shout Out to Mr. Linnet for sharing some amazing "student weather reporter" videos! Great way to lighten up your day!

Shout Out to Mrs. Baker for being an awesome CSEL for Cordelia Hills. Your attention to detail is so appreciated!

Shout Out to Ms. Wilcox for organizing the Rockville Ranger talks this past week. The level of engagement is only second to actually visiting the park. Bravo!

Shout Out to All of the Staff Members who take the time to write paw prides every week, especially Mr. Suarez and the noon duties! You rock it every single week!

Reminder on Locked Doors

A few weeks ago Superintendent Corey put a note in her Friday Letter that asked all of us to remind teachers to keep the classrooms doors locked at all times. Please remember to make this happen. I understand that you may have times when you need to have the door open and that is fine--just make sure the door is locked even when it is open. It is the first step to a safer environment and the least we can do at this point that does not cost a thing.

Update for Events for April

I shared my calendar a couple of weeks ago. My calendar, in addition to the school calendar, should COVER nearly all of the events for our school. So instead of listing everything below, from now on, I will highlight a couple of important things.

April 11: Site Visit by Superintendent Corey and Ed Services Staff

April 11: Spring Picture Day

April 11: Talent Show Dress Rehearal, PTA Mtg Library

April 12: Spring BOGO Book Fair

April 18: Talent Show Assembly (TK-2 @ 8:30)

April 20: Earth Day, Talent Show Assembly (3-5 @ 8:30)

April 24: Brick Space for K, Leadership Mtg

April 25: Site council @ 4:45, Secretary's Day

April 26: End of Progress Report Time

April 27: No School , Mother Son Hike

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