Zachary watkins

a little about me

I was born on Sep/20/2001 8 minutes after my twin brother, Zander. Zanders the oldest i'm next then my I almost died when I was born because I couldn't breath on my own. I needed a breathing machine to breath because my lungs were very tiny. Zander got out of the hospital before I did.

When I was two me and Zander started to babble and speak. when I turned 3 I did a lot of things... I planed a prank with Zander we went down stairs and grabbed eggs and smashed them against the floor and spread it all over the place.

We also brushed our teeth for the first time... WITH BUTT CREAM. I also rubbed lip stick all over my face thinking it was chap stick. I've lived in a house with my dad for 9 years. I got my first game system was a game-boy. that's when i figured out id love video games forever. When I started pre-school my teacher Mrs. Shanda inspired me to draw. now i'm an excellent drawer. and when I turned 8 we moved to another house and made a friend his name is reason. when I was 10 I learned about MINECRAFT, now I play it all the time.

The Sunshine House was were I went to pre-k.

a day in the life of a 2 year old

My mom comes into me and Zander's room to wake us up and we eat breakfast. (usually a granola bar) Then we put our shoes on and head out side to get in the gray car. (that what we used to call it) We would go in it and the whole floor would be covered in toys, And when we get to sunshine house we go to the right hallway and go into our class room. We used to be in the same class but we fought to much. my old teacher Mrs. Hollywood let us make a dream catcher made with the cardboard part of a toilet paper roll. Then we painted it red made 4 holes in the bottom and stuck green string and put beads on the string. My new teacher Mrs.Shanda was my favorite teacher ever because she inspired me to draw. In the middle of the day we had nap time and next we went out side. me, Zander, Nathanol, and Tiewan we always played together. When we go home we would play our game-boys or would go out side and go to the side of the fence and play with Linix. sometimes we give him a treat. When it gets dark we go in our bunk bed (which we still have today) and go to bed my mom would walk over to our window. She made a poem to say so we wouldn't be scared, she would say " no lightning, no thunder, no rain, no monsters, no dinosaurs, no bugs, no ants, no spiders, no Caterpillars, no sounds, and no strangers." Then we thought of tomorrow.

this year was important because...

A lot of things happened they weren't always good, sometimes they were bad. Like when my brother was hitting a plastic ball with a plastic bat, and he hit it supper far and I said "yaaaaaaaay." Then I leaned on the edge of the chair, and I fell and hit my head on the concrete making a hole in my head. I got stitches and in 2 months I was all better. I also figured out I liked to draw and I was as good as a third grader. And I remember my Easter and my favorite Easter egg... AN ORANGE EASTER EGG WITH GREEN SUCTION CUPS, I kept it for a Long time because, I loooooooooooved it.