House of Representatives

Joe Smoldt

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  • 435 members and is the larger body of congress
  • The seats are divided among states based on population
  • Each state is entitled to one seat no matter the population
  • 2 years terms
  • Elected by district


  • Make laws
  • Make key decisions about legislative work
  • Study and shape bills
  • Serving the interests of their constituents

Leadership Positions

Speaker of the House

  • Most powerful
  • Schedules bills for action
  • Follows vice president in line for presidency

House Floor Leader

  1. Majority Leader
  • Plan party's legislative program
  • Steer important bills through the house
  1. Whips
  • Watch how party members intend to vote on bills
  • Persuade people to vote the way the party wants to
  • Make sure party members are present to vote

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  • Must be 25 years old
  • Citizens of the US for at least 7 years
  • Be legal resident of the state that elects them


  • Stationery, postage for official business
  • Medical clinic
  • Gymnasium
  • Allowance to pay for trips home, telephones, newsletters
  • Income tax deduction to maintain two residence, one at home and one in DC
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