The Great Depression

Steve Torres


1.) the depression started in 1929

2.) the cause of it was the stock market crashing

3.)many people lost their jobs, money, and more.

4.) African Americans were the most impacted because they had the least help, and also the ones with jobs got fired to let white people take their job instead.

5.) The Great Depression ended because of WW2

Important Events

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1.)The Depression Starts

the depression started in 1929 because the stock market crashes, and an estimated amount of 30 billion sock values have been lost. so many people lost their money and jobs.

2.) During the Depression

an amount of 3.2 million people have lost their jobs and before 1.5 million people were already unemployed. there were also many revolts such as riots, food riots, rallies etc.

3.)The Depression Ends

the depression ended in 1941 right when we entered WW2. it ended after the Japenese bombings at Perl Harbor.