John Dowland

By: Emma Holland


Dowland was born in Dubland Ireland in December of 1562. Nothing is known about his early training, we do know that he spent most of his life in England but constantly traveling. For education Dowland served as a musician to Sir Henry Cobham, the english ambassador. Then he received his bachelor of arts degree at Christ church, Oxford. Then at last in 1612 he was appointed a king's musician for the lutes at the court of James I. John went to many schools to get his degree from Cambridge, and arts master degree at Christ Church Oxford. Dowland wrote many songs of his own and he performed solo ayers. All his lyrics in the songs were really sensitive, full of sad and depressing lyrics. He wrote these most famous songs, Come Again,Sweet Love and sorrow stay. All of these songs consist of the human emotions like love and saddness.
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The Work

This piece is the famous song that John Dowland wrote called Flow My Tears. It was created in 1600 when John's career as a musician sparked. The techniques of this song is that there is very soft vocals and it is very sad toned making the listener get very calm and depressed. Dowland always seems to create music with a soft lute to relate to other peoples problems and emotions. This piece is significant because it has strophic dancing patterns and what makes it unique is the lute rhythmic and harmonic patterns that have never been used before. The "ism" that is most closely linked to this piece is humanism because being sad is a human emotion and also the song talks about love and death.
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Quote From Flow My Tears

"Since pity is fled;
And tears and sighs and groans my weary days
Of all joys have deprived."


Flow my Tears - John Dowland