You All Matter

To Jazmine and TIna

Why Jazmine Matters to Me

  • You were my only friend in first grade.
  • We've been through so much together.
  • You can always make me laugh.
  • We always have fun when we hang out.
  • You have always been there for me.
  • I can tell you anything.
  • You are one of my best friends.
  • You were in my quince.
  • We have so many good memories like when we would play dress up at your house.
  • We see each other practically every day
  • We are going to move in with each other when we're older.
  • We have so many memories so far and we have so many more memories to make.
  • Sometimes we fight but we always get over it.
  • We know everything about each other.
  • You taught me a lot of things.
  • You've helped me through so much.
  • I know we will be friends forever.
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Why Tina Matters to Me

  • We have been friends since 3rd grade.
  • We always laugh together and at each other.
  • We hang out like every week.
  • We always have so much fun when we hang out.
  • You were in my quince.
  • You got me a Starbucks gift card.
  • You buy me food sometimes.
  • I know I can trust you with anything.
  • You help me with my homework.
  • We recommend good books to each other.
  • We got closer these past couple of years.
  • You always know how to make me laugh.
  • You're always there for me
  • Sometimes, I frustrate you but you get over it.
  • We have so many inside jokes.
  • You are a really great friend.

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Both of you guys mean the world to me and you guys matter so much to me. I know sometimes I make you guys mad but thanks for putting up with me.