Hawks Happenings

February 2021

Happy February!

WvES Families,

I blinked and January was over! Thank you for your continued support in transitioning back to school from the holidays and adjusting to another new schedule. Our school staff is very thankful for your patience during this time and for continuing to encourage your child to do his/her best. We appreciate your assistance in completing the iReady assessments and we know how awkward it is to not provide help when your child says it is difficult. Thank you for your part in helping us collect reliable data so we can plan how to support your child's learning.

The BCS Board of Education will meet Thursday, February 4th to determine if the system can follow through with the plan for hybrid students to return to campus starting on Monday, February 15th. Once this decision is made, reminders about logistics will be shared as needed.

Some families have asked about EOG testing. We do not have dates for EOG testing for our third and fourth graders but we have heard that as of right now, this is still a requirement for our students. Current state law requires these tests be given in the last 10 days of school. Right now this means that these tests could be given between Monday, May 17 and Friday, May 28. If the school calendar changes, then these dates will also adjust.

Hawk Habit Leaders at Home

We want to recognize our students who are living the 7 Habits at home! Please complete this form if you would like to share with us how your child is demonstrating leadership skills at home!

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Look for this flyer in your child's SeeSaw or Google Classroom and click on the Zoom link. We covered the Zoom link here for student safety since this newsletter is shared on social media.

See below for information from our Family Engagement Action Team

February Family Engagment Workshop- Building a Math Rich Home

Stay up to date with your child's grades, adjust how you want to receive notifications, etc. See below about the Parent Portal System and Custom Notifications

You have control of your notifications!

Update Contact Info

After using the PowerSchool Parent Portal to update your phone and email contacts, it will take up to a day for this
information to be available to SchoolMessenger’s notifications tools. (click this link to see the directions with pictures https://www.buncombeschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=92531&pageId=6110796

Need a Parent Portal account? Contact Vickie Smith at vickie.smith@bcsemail.org **Due to updates in PowerSchool, anyone who needs to set up a new Parent Portal account needs to contact Ms. Smith at BCS County Office for assistance.

Open SchoolMessenger

By the next business day, your information will be available to SchoolMessenger’s notifications tools. Log in to the Parent Portal to access the SchoolMessenger service, and look for the button in the Parent Portal Navigation menu. This will be on the left side of the screen near the bottom.

Grant Permission
SchoolMessenger will ask your permission to call certain numbers after an update. Verify your permissions and click Save.

Open Preferences Menu
Open the menu in the upper left of the page. (It appears as 3 horizontal lines.) Then, select Preferences.

Set Message Preferences
You are now ready to set your preferences based on message type! Click on a message type (including Emergency, Weather, Attendance, and General) under My Message Preferences. Then, select which numbers and email you want associated with each message type and click Save. Remember: Adding phone numbers and email addresses is done under the Contact Information button in Parent Portal (as per step #1). That’s it!

Custom Notifications is not the only way to receive important announcements and weather/safety information from Buncombe County Schools. Visit Notifications.BuncomeSchools.org for a complete list of our website, social media, mobile app, and broadcast-based messages. If you are customizing your message preferences immediately prior to a weather event, consider also using our mobile app's push notifications, to ensure timely delivery.
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Makeup Pictures - Monday, February 15 and Thursday, February 18

Makeup pictures are only for students who missed picture day in the fall, those who want a remake or new students who were not enrolled on fall picture day

This link will allow parents to sign up to receive updates via email regarding their child's school portraits.

To pay for pictures online follow this link:

  • www.strawbridge.net
  • Click 'Order Pictures' and enter the following code: FM355577
  • Please note that these are NOT Spring pictures. These are makeup Fall school pictures. For Fall pictures, you order the package you want and pay BEFORE you preview the pictures. This format always make for some memorable and funny pictures to look back on later in life. :-)
  • Only students who missed picture day, want a remake or are new to our school will have pictures made on these days.

Makeup Picture Schedule:

  • 2nd grade Hybrid Students: 9:15 - 9:45
  • 3rd grade Hybrid Students: 8:15 - 8:45

  • 4th grade Hybrid Students: 8:45 - 9:15
  • Remote Only Students: 10:00 - 11:30

We do not know yet if we will have Spring pictures this year. We are looking into providing a class collage option in lieu of a class photo.

If we are not back in a Plan B Hybrid School attendance format on these dates, we will reschedule these photo days.

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The NED Show is coming to Weaverville Elementary!

The Power of Yet! A Virtual School-wide Assembly

Through our work with the Leader in Me, we talk about Growth Mindset. “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” (Dweck, 2015).

A previous Hawks Happenings Newsletter shared a lot of information about Growth Mindset. Here is a link in case you missed that newsletter: https://www.smore.com/cnm3b-hawks-happenings

We are excited to bring the NED Show and their Mindset Mission performance to our school as a way to remind students of the Power of 'Yet'.

From the moment your students enter the room/Zoom, our captivating performer takes them on a 45-minute journey filled with humor, yo-yo and magic tricks, puppetry, and storytelling.

The assembly introduces a cartoon boy named NED who is on a very important mission: to find his mindset. Led by clues and memorable characters, he overcomes Mt. Everest’s toughest obstacles, uncovers inner-treasures on a Caribbean island, and grows his brain while repairing a sputtering spaceship. Throughout the performance, your students discover how to activate their growth mindset to overcome social, emotional and academic challenges.


*Typical the NED Show is paid for by selling yo-yos and other items to students after the show. Due to the unique situation we are in, we did not want to provide a sales opportunity to the company since it may cause a burden for our WvES Families. This show is being paid for by our Weaverville Elementary Title 1 Department and the Weaverville Schools PTO.

Upcoming Dates

February 3 - World Read Aloud Day - Optional Zoom at 1 PM for students to participate (check your child's SeeSaw page or Google Classroom for the Zoom link)

February 4 - BCS Board of Education Meeting at 5:30 PM (Return to Learn plans will be discussed)

February 8 - 12 -Midterm reports will be shared with families this week

February 9 - PTO Meeting at 6:30 PM via Zoom - everyone is invited to attend!

February 12 - NB District Advisory Council Meeting - CANCELLED

February 25 - School Improvement Team Meeting at 2:45 via Zoom

March 1 - 5 Read Across America Week

March 3 - Kelly Starling Lyons Author Visit for celebration of Read Across America Week (more info to come!)

March 17 - The NED Show is coming to WvES! 10 AM performance via Zoom

March 25 - School Improvement Team Meeting at 2:45 via Zoom

April 5 - 9 - Spring Break!

April 29 - Leadership Day

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