the world in 2050

Serves Ofir Avramov

What will be in 2050?

future world will be very diffrernt from today..

in 2050 the world will change...

Will be there lots of robots that can do anything we want:

-They going to bring us food on request.

- they will clean our house.

-they going to brush our teeth.

-they will drive us from place to place.

robots can do much more great things .

I think the televisions , the computer and the phones will BE HOLOGRAMS .

the dogs going to talk with special dog's collars,

the students will learn in home With specialty helmets converting direct information to the brain.

I think that in the future people will invent time machines,

And Created future flying cars.

we will find a new Star in our galaxy that can support life and we can live there.

The Jetsons Future of Technology
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