Suspended For Singing?

Article from Lesly Moreno

Harrison High School Concerns

A boy at Harrison High School got suspended this Friday for singing "The Star-Spangled Banner". Luckily, I was with his next door neighbor, as I heard his parents come and ask if it was wrong to be patriotic. Exactly the words his parents said "Is that a rule?" as many of us know, being patriotic is not a rule just as Dr. Seymour the Harrison School Superintendent declares as being asked "Of course not. Whatever gave you that idea? Who told you that?" If it is not a rule, why did Philip Malloy get suspended? I called Dr. Doane the Principal of Harrison High-School, as I spoke with Dr. Doane whom said "Ms. Stewart, you call me up and inform me about something of which I have had no prior information". Her saying's tell me that the Principal doesn't get told anything of what goes on in her school. After that very interesting phone call I make sure to call Mrs Joseph Palleni the Assistant Principal of Harrison High-School. I ask him about the situation, as he responds with a "Well..." from his reaction I try to ask more questions and see his responses. He responds saying "I always keep her informed", yet when I called Dr. Doane didn't know anything making it easier to recognize that Mrs. Joseph Palleni wants to take the place of a Principal to suspend more kids for being patriotic. This may not be the only case in which a kid gets suspended for the same situation, and we must not allow this injustice!

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