Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson-An intresting life

Henry Hudson was an English explorer and sea captain. He wanted to find a northern passage to India and tried 4 times. The first 2 times he was stopped by an iceberg and lack of food. He sailed for a company but after those 2 trips that company gave up. Henry secretly went to a different company because he knew that if his old company found out he would get in a lot of trouble. Soon enough he was caught and was sent to prison, and he was told he could not sail ever again.

Henry Hudson-Sailing Back then and Now

From the time, Henry Hudson sailed and now everyone could say it changed a lot. Back then it was very dangerous to travel across the sea. But now it is way easier. Back then they did not have GPS of the internet to guide them or tell them if there was danger ahead. Also, they did not have a lot of food when now we have restaurants on the ships. Finally, now we have better boats that are less dangerous. Back then their boats were made of just wood and were not water proof. Now we have better boats. This is the difference between back then and now when we sail.

Henry Hudson-Many Accomplishments

Henry was a very accomplished sailor and many things were named after him. For example, a river was named after him, "Hudson River". They named the Hudson Bay, the Hudson Bay because Henry sailed up it in 1609. Also, there was a bay named after him. It was named after him because he reached it 1610. This is why Henry Hudson was a very accomplished sailor.