Don't Fit In, Be You!

Advice from Stargirl!

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How to Handle Your Crazy Emotions

Handling your emotions here in Mica High can be very difficult. You just don't know exactly what to do or say, so here are a couple tips:

  • Find a pet that can comfort you!
I have a pet rat named Cinnamon. We have conversations when I need a little happiness. The others at Mica High might have a dog or cat, but not me! Like I said! Don't fit in, be you!
  • Find an enchanted place to erase yourself!
I go to this place in the middle of the desert. I sit there, eyes closed, feeling the heat on my most likely sun burned face. I imagine a big eraser. I imagine it erasing my toes, then my ankles, then my knees. When it's done, I'm no longer there!
  • Play an instrument!
I play the ukulele. When ever I can't talk to someone, I start strumming away. Hear all the chords. I drift off into my happy place!
  • Find someone to talk to!
I talk to Leo! He's very nice, cute, and funny. By the way, we dated in high school! He's so easy to talk to! It's almost just like talking to Cinnamon!
Hakuna Matata (Disney Ukulele Cover)

Little Things You can do for Others

Doing something for someone else is nice. Don't you want someone to send you a card or present? That's why I do things for others. Need ideas? Well, here you go:

  • Make them a card every holiday.
If you make them a card, they might smile or feel good about themselves. They might even make a card for someone else! They could also do something else that's nice for someone!

  • Take pictures of their childhood, then make a photo album to give them when they're older.
Don't you wish someone took pictures of you when you were playing with your family or friends when you little? I don't mean the pictures where everyone is posed and smiling, I mean a picture of you running while playing tag!
  • Put a little candy on their desk each holiday.
Everyone wants something a little sweet for the holidays, so why not give them some!
  • Send them a present that they would like very much!
Don't you love the rush of opening presents on your birthday!? Why not give them that rush! Sure, they might get other presents, but the mystery of not knowing who gave it to you makes it that much awesome!!
  • Sing happy birthday to them at lunch.
I think everyone enjoys the song being sung to them on their birthday. Well, everyone BUT Hillari Kimble!

How to Stand Out

Standing out is quite a blast! Why not be different? Why not be you? I think everyone should stand out! Don't know how to stand out. Here are some ways:

  • Wear clothes that "them" won't wear.
People probably think that I think it's Halloween everyday, because I wear something different everyday. One day I wore overalls, and another day I wore a kimono!
  • Cheer for the other team and your team.
I don't think it's right to pick a side. It's unfair that you ALWAYS want your team to win. No one else, but your team!
  • Act different!
I act different by always being happy! Even if someone was mean to me, I will always smile!
  • Have an odd pet, and bring it to school!
I have a pet rat. Not a guinea pig, not a dog, but a rat! People usually scream when they see rats, but pet them!
  • Be open with your feelings
I told Leo that I thought he was cute, before I even talked to him! But, then we talked, and then we started to date!

How to Find Out Information About Others

If you want to send someone a card or present, you need to know where they live, when their birthday is, and find out personal hobbies or likes. Here's how:

  • Read the "fillers" in the newspaper.
These are used when the reporters don't have enough room to fill the entire newspaper. You can find out a lot about your community!
  • Take pictures of them.
When you take pictures of someone you begin to get to know them.
  • Follow them throughout the mall.
It shows where they like to shop, or the size they are, or the clothes they like. Also, Leo picked up that this one girl was a pick-flicker!
  • Talk to them.
Talking to someone is basically the best way to get to know someone! It's simple and you might even make a friend!
  • Look at bulletin boards.
This has birthday messages, newspapers, and other valuable information. These are very helpful!

What I do as a Cheerleader at Games

People might look at me a little sideways when I do what I do at football of basketball games, but I don't care! I think it is fun to stand out! Here's some examples of what I do:

  • I cheer for the other team.
I know that seems a little weird, but I think the other team should have a lot of cheers, no matter where they are from!
  • I climb up on the goal post, holding up a touchdown sign.
I think it's definitely a way to stand out! Especially because no one else climbs on to the goal post!
  • I join the marching band, playing the ukulele.
Usually the marching band plays flutes, clarinets, trombones, saxophones, but not a ukulele!
  • I comfort hurt players no matter which team they're on.
One time I helped the star player on the other team. He hurt his ankle, but even though he was the best player on the opposing team, I still helped him!
  • I cheer without stopping for the WHOLE game.
I think everyone needs a lot of motivation!

Ideas for Changing your Name

You might not feel like your name anymore. I didn't feel like a Susan, so I changed my name! Here are some ideas:

  • Stargirl
  • Hully Gully
  • Pocket Mouse
  • Mud Pie

What not to do When you Want to Stand Out

I did all of these thing when Leo told me to be "normal," so I wouldn't to this if you want to stand out! Here are the "do nots"of standing out:

  • Wear T-shirts with designer's names on the front in big bolded letters.
I saw a lot of girls wearing these when I went to Mica High, and I wore it when Leo told me to be more "normal."
  • Wear blue or any color jeans.
Jeans are what the average high school girl wear. They wear blue jeans with the t-shirt with the designer's names on the front.
  • Wear hoop earrings and toe rings.
Hoop earrings and toe rings are the accessories that most girls wear at Mica High.
  • Wear tall sandals that go up to your knees.
These sandals are super cute if you are one of the "normal" kids. Otherwise, you might want to wear something else!

I hope you learned how you can stand out!