Applying and Preparing for jobs.

The Selection Procedure and Qualities Required.

Police and Armed Forces.

In the Police Service you will be required to have some decent educational skills in the job, such as a good speaking and written ability else you won't be excepted into the Police Force. You will also will be tested on the standard of English you speak, physical tests: bleep tests where you need 5.4, also be tested on your eye sight:

In the Armed Forces you will be required to pass a medical which involves an Eye test, Hearing test, Hernia test, Reflex test, then the doctor will go through your medical form. The tests you have to go through in the army are:

Male: You need to do the bleep test to the standard of 10.2, have to do 50 sit up in 2 minutes and 44 press-ups in 2 minutes.

Woman: You need to do the bleep test to the standard of 8.1, have to do 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes and 21 press-ups in 2 minutes.

You also will need qualifications to be in the army: 7 GCSE/SCE subjects with a minimum grade C/2 in English language, maths and either science or a foreign language.

Job application for the Police and Armed Forces.

There are 3 different types of application forms:

  • The main application.
  • Information Release forms.
  • W-4 withholding form.
Police: When you fill out these forms you have to use block capital letters when writing your personal information. Also have to use black pen and to use honesty in the text as they will find out the truth and the application will be terminated straight away. A letter of application, also known as a cover letter, is a document sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience. A personal statement is when you have to write about 400 words about yourself, which can be about all your achievements and skills, this is when you can big your self up but don't over do it because when it comes to doing that certain thing you won't be able to do it and will look bad. Physical tests are a big part of application in the Police and Armed Forces as you will be doing physical activity's for most of the job, say 80% of it. Psychometric tests aim to measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude and personality. In the interview section of the police you will have to check if you have eligibility to join the police force then attend a recruiting information seminar and sit a suitability test, complete a competency based application form, fitness test and assessment center workshop, then attend an assessment center, force interview board, check references, then appointment. There are 2 tests you need to do to get into the police force, the first one is the Bleep Test which is when you run from one line to another and have to be up with the bleep on the tape, the score you get determines the amount of lung efficiently you have, you need to get 5.6 to get in the Police Force. Also you have to do the Push and Pull test which is where you sit in a chair and have to pull a bar and it will determine your strength, you need to be able to push and pull 35 kg to get in the Police Force. There are no specific requirements for academic qualifications, although applicants will be tested on their command of English, ability to think logically and handling numbers.

Army: You will have to look into what interested you and what role would suit you the best. The next step is the interview process to find out if you are medically fit, then you will see a careers officer to answer any questions you might have on the role you are going into. Then you will have the assessment part you will be invited to attend two days at an assessment center (ac). Here you will need to pass the army medical first to make sure you are medically fir and ready for training, then you be assessed in a variety of exercises to if you have the potential to be a solider. Then you will have the training for being a solider, you will get taught the army core values, as well as basic military skills such as tactics, weapon handing, first aid and map reading.

The different skills and qualities required for a given public service role

Fire service: You will need a variety of qualities to work in the Fire Service, such as Bravery as you will be going into places that will more than likely will cause death to yourself and your teammates. So if you are going to a fire and you are not brave enough to go in there and get them out, you will be leaving them in there to die which your getting paid to save life's.

Also you will need communication in the Fire service as you will need to find out how many people are in the building to rescue and also need to know where the base of the fire is to put it out, if you don't have every good communication skills you will not be doing your job correctly and efficiency therefore putting peoples life's at risks and more importantly your team mates.

Further more you will need a lot dedication to succeed in the fire service as there are a lot of people who are not cut out to be firefighters because how demanding the job is as you will be putting your life at risk one minute, finish off there, then have to go straight back out to putting your life at risk again. Which I have to say its not the easiest thing to do in the long run.

There are many skills required also in the Fire Service such as:

You will need Self Sacrifice, you will be putting yourself in very dangerous situations and you will be putting your life at risk for other people so it will will need a lot of bravery to that certain thing.

You will need a good psychical fitness as you will be carrying big, heavy hoses up ladders so you will need to have a goof fitness level to carry out these tasks quickly and efficiency to lower the risk of death.

You also will need a good Integrity level as if you are making headlines in newspapers for the wrong reasons, people will lose faith in the fire service, which is vital to the job and say someone is in a life threatening situation and you tell them to do something and they don't have the trust of firefighters, they won't listen to them and will be putting them in further dangers. You also need to be good at problem solving as fireman will go into a lot situations were they will have to solve a problem and quickly as there might be lives on the line or if not it might be causing danger or damage to buildings.

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