Music History tour

Travel Europe to learn about historical music

Have you ever wanted to learn about historical music in a fun way?

This tour can teach you all about historical music and YOU get to travel Europe!

We will be going to famous musical museums, hotels and attractions. Some of these places were in the Renaissance period.

We'll travel to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany!

This is a great tour for musicians and your family!

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What we will be seeing and doing:


  • We will visiting sites in the Netherlands (also known as the low countries): Museum Speelklok, Hotel conservatorium and Sweelinck's home.
  • After visiting the Netherlands we will go to Belgium by car: we will see the MIM, then we will visit Oeckeghem's home, Josquin's home and Lassus's home.
  • Then lastly we will drive to Paris, France and visit many places including: Hotel du triangle D'or, Notre Dame Cathedral and then lastly Concert Spiritual.
  • After this we will drive back to the Netherlands and drop you off at where we started. We will drive between these destinations because we want you to see the beautiful scenery.