Mrs. Dunn's Reading Room

Week of: April 4-8

This week:

Skill Focus :

RL 8.10 I can read fluently and demonstrate comprehension at my independent reading level.

I am amazed that we are already two weeks into the last quarter. It seems like the school year has flown by! For the next few weeks we will be focusing on skills review and reading fluency. Each day, the students practice fluency with a timed read aloud passage for warm up, and they are learning to mark their own words per minute to check their progress. This week each student will also have an individual sight word list to practice to help increase fluency. For skills review, we will increase our stations/group rotations from 3 per week to 6-8 per week with slightly shorter but more varied activities. We are taking a break from our Read180 computer program to work on which allows students to work on reading comprehension at their individual level but also exposes them to they types of questions they might find on the ACT Aspire test at the end of the year. There will be no new vocabulary this week as we will continue practicing context clues skills for our vocabulary focus.

This Week's Stations:


Vocabulary: Context Clues, Shades of Meaning

Literature: Understanding and Using Metaphors

Informational Text: Structure and Organization

Independent Reading: Theme, Chit Chat Cards

Writing: Counterargument

Individual Assessment: Sight Words


ReadTheory Awards


KMS Spirit Night is this Thursday ant Dickey's Barbecue in Lowell

Progress Reports go home April 19.

ACT Aspire: 8th Grade- May 3-5; 7th Grade-April 26-28

8th Grade Job Shadowing: Thursday, April 28