One person can impact many.

By: Abbigail Allred

State Opinion, Prove why, Stand Tall and Fight

Some people choose that their beliefs or special opinions are some that need to be heard there are some really peaceful ways to impact a society. State the opinion, prove why you think that your opinion is needed to be spoken, stand tall and fight for what you believe in.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He is a good example of speaking out and standing out among the society. Even though he was the only one at that time who had stood up to fight for African Americans to be free and equal, he still stood up and spoke out. He was peaceful in his way of expressing what he felt was right and would impact many people in a good way. He used large memorable speeches and used repetition such as his famous speech, known around the world, "I had a dream". He repeats "I had a dream" and "Let freedom ring". He is basically saying "I have imagined a day (seen a day) when we were all free to do as we please."

Malala Yousafzai

Malala is a teenager who just wants women to be free to have an education. The only thing different about her is that she stood up and spoke out. Not like the others in Pakistan, she stood up to fight for what she believed in. She has been shot three times by the Taliban, but has survived all incidents. She is still alive and the Taliban has loosened their grip on women's education in Pakistan.

GUARANTEED to get your point accross!

See it really works to be peaceful!

See it really does work to impact peacefully. This are many people who's dreams may not have come true while they were still alive, but they did come true. Some are still even coming true. Stay peaceful, but still stand for what you believe in.