Pharr Elementary


Week of December 14 - December 18

It's a Fun Old Fashioned Pharr Family Christmas! Monday, please wear your tackiest of attire.

What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased. ~ Author Unknown



NO LEAVE DAYS December 18 and January 5

Please remember that personal leave is not allowed on December 18 and January 5.

Midyear Conferences

Once your Formative Observation has been shared, please email your administrator TWO dates and times you are available to meet for your midyear conference. These must be completed by December 18.

RBES Midyear Update

As you complete data collection for ELA and Math, please begin filling out your RBES data charts for midyear. We will have our midyear update meetings mid January.

You will add midyear data to the original template so you can see the comparison/growth from beginning of year to now. If you have questions about this, PLEASE see your grade level administrator.


**Formative Observations are almost complete and we've loved getting in your classrooms to see the awesome work your doing with your students.

**Be sure to review the LSPI Implementation plan below for eClass integration.
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Thank you to everyone for participating in our Fun Old Fashioned Tacky Events!

Rebecca Smith did a great job with the 2015 Jingle Jam!

Be sure to check the white board in the mail room each week!


Character Ed Students: NO Captains this week!

December trait = KINDNESS

  • Please remember to send these names. We would hate for a class to miss this opportunity for recognition!!
  • Please encourage students to drop notes in the "Kindness Drop Box" in the media center so we can share on the morning announcements.
  • For our weekly student recognition, the earlier the better when submitting names to your grade level AP.
  • Also, if you would like to personally write the postcard for your student please let Stacy and I know. We will need it back by Friday morning.
  • **The powerpoint with the list of students from each week will be posted on the Pharr ES Training Page

Pharr Superstars of The Month

We will resume superstars in January.


District Assessments

  • The schedule is posted on the Pharr ES Training Page.
  • I have scheduled all classes prior to the break.
  • IF you would like to split your testing and administer 2 content areas when we return from the break, please feel free to do so. You will need to schedule those lab times during your content area block, if possible, to avoid schedule conflicts.
  • ALL tests must be complete by Tuesday, January 12.
  • Lab time can be scheduled in Sign-Up Genius. See Kathleen's email for directions.
  • EMAIL HEIDI if you intend to split your DA administration schedule

5 Tips for Effective Data Teams

  1. Laugh and cheer!
  2. Go beyond test scores
  3. Data trumps opinion
  4. Focus on next steps
  5. Create time for reflection

Georgia Milestone

  • Paper student copies have arrived and will be sent home in report card envelopes.

GMAS information will be released to the public on November 16. All information is confidential until further notice!!

Please visit the Pharr ES Training Page to access links to important GMAS resources.


Cyber Day plans will be due January 6. Please reference Kathleen's email for detailed information.

We will also provide more info to come on our January workday.

Heads Up:

The 2nd nine weeks ends on December 18th. ALL grades, EXCEPT DA SCORES, should be entered by January 8th.

New gradebooks for the 2nd semester will be generated January 5th, more info to come.


Passport Sheets

The PBIS committee is revamping the stamp sheet for the passport. All students will receive new sheets in January and start fresh with stamps.


Please revisit the RAMS statement often and use this verbiage when complimenting students. For example:

"Thank you so much for accepting responsibility for your actions by standing in line quietly."