By Owen OKeefe


Hogwarts is a school of Wisardary. First years are introduced to probably the coolest school that they will ever go to. First years will have also the coolest classes, like Defence against the dark arts, potions, and others. You get to do other things like quiddledich and Christmas to.

Nine and three quarters

To get to Hogwarts, you haft to get on a train called nine and three quarters and ride a train there. To get there you haft to jump right through a wall and then there you are, at nine and three quarters. There will be a train to Hogwarts.


Quiddledich is a game that is between four teams, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Griffendoor. They face each other for house points and to be the best there is at Hogwarts. The rules are simple yet complicated. Anything illegal is a foul, like basketball. The main goal is for the seeker to catch the small golden piece. That will get you the most points and will probably win.Other things are scoring baskets and blocking them. Those are worth only small amounts of points