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Stress is the response of your body and mind to being challenged or in a life threatening situation. For example, you are doing your own business when a murderer jumps in front of you. Your body kicks into action and adrenalinenflows through your bloodstream.

Types of stress

There are three types of stress. The three types of stress are, Eustress and, Distress. There is something called a stressor. A stressor is an event that causes stress.


A perfectionist is someone who accepts nothing less than excellence. Sounds a lot like my step mom.


A catastrophe is when lives are threatened and may destroy property.

Examples: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.

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Stages of Stress

There are the alarm stage, resistance stage, and exhaustion stage.
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Alarm stage

In the alarm stage your body enters the fight or flight mode which sends adrenaline to your brain.

Example when this happens: a dog jumps in front of you.

Resistance Stage

In the resistance stage you try to fight of the dog.

Exhaustion stage

In your exhaustion stage you are tired and your body needs to rest after the dog attack.

Stress and your Personality

Optimism and Pessimism

Optimism is when you focus on the positive effects of things

Pessimism is when you focus on the negative effects of things.


Resilience is when you have a catastrophe and you find a way to "bounce back" from the catastrophe.

Time Management

Are you a time waster? If so follow these steps and you won't be anymore.

1. Track how you spend your time.

2. Make a daily "To do" list.

3. Prioritize your tasks.

4. Plan your day.

5.Monitor your progress.

Reduce Tension

If your stress become too serious you need to relax. Follow these steps and you'll learn to relax.

1. Lay down

2. Tense all your muscles for 10 seconds

3. Ten relax and fall asleep

Avoiding Stress

To avoid stress you need change your thinking. To do this think about something else. For example, avoid negative thinking, and try humor. If those don't work do something you like to do.

Now you've learned about stress. Good job

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