Nicolas Mears

My Major Interests


My mother was born in Colombia, which makes me half Colombian. I'm proud to be Colombian, it is where my grandparents live and is the most beautiful country I've ever seen. I love the food over there. My favorite is food over there is empanadas. They come in different varieties like egg, beef, chicken, or potato. They are then wrapped up in "arepa de maize" which is like cornbread but a little harder. They are very delicious.
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Astronomy always been my greatest interest. I am fascinated by all the science of stars, galaxies, space itself, star/planet formations, astrobiology, ect. I hope of being a physicist, astrobiologist, or astronomer when I grow up. Science is my favorite subject, with astronomy being my favorite branch. The mysteries of the universe, things waiting to be discovered. These kinds of thoughts began when I got into astronomy. They are encouraging, inspiring thoughts. This is why it interests me so much. The Universe will get you thinking. For me, i can't stop contemplating what a remarkable place it when I start reading about it.
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The Story of Everything