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Regulatory Council accepts

The use of distribution lists web hosting provider via unsolicited email (spam) is strictly prohibited. The provider reserves the right to disable a customer's account without warning when signs of such activity is recorded. The customer agrees to free web hosting india periodically download mail for POP and IMAP accounts, collect mail using a POP client (eg Outlook). The Client shall indemnify the Supplier the costs that it had to charge him in some cause which responsibility was attributable to the client, including attorney fees and costs and attorney SUPPLIER, even if not definitive judicial or though his speech is not mandatory decision.

All information or documentation that any party other contribution to the development and execution of this contract shall be deemed confidential and proprietary input and who may be communicated to third parties without your consent. The parties agree to the confidential nature of this contract, agreeing not to disclose to third parties any of the points on its contents without the express consent of both parties. The parties excluded from the category of confidential information any information that is disclosed by the party possessing it, that becomes public, one that has to be disclosed in accordance with the law free web hosting india or a court decision or imperative act of authority competent.

And that which is obtained by a third party not under web hosting provider any obligation of confidentiality. This obligation of confidentiality persists up to two years (2) after completion of this free web hosting india contract. Neither party shall acquire any rights in any confidential information or other property rights of the other party as a result of this contralto. Ex this contract shall terminate between the parties for the following reasons: a) At the request of either party, by notification made to the other party 30 days in advance of the agreed maturity.

In case of change of service fees, the Customer may terminate the contract by notice given to the provider within the notification of the modification of tariffs los5 days. Such contractual termination shall take effect at the next billing free web hosting india period, so that would not apply the new rates. Failure to receive notice of termination within a period of5 days of notification of the change in the rates' means that the customer accepts the new prices and conditions of service. At any time, in accordance with the provisions of clause 2, the Customer may terminate the contract requesting the supply service.

In no event shall SUPPLIER be forced to repay the amounts corresponding to after the fall of the service periods. The Customer has anticipated and, in any case, the Customer shall pay the fee for the billing period in which it claims the supply service. At any time, free web hosting india the Supplier may terminate the contract, definitively canceling the web hosting provider service, in case of breach by the customer, or prior notification in accordance with the provisions of clause 2.

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