North vs. South

Activity #2: Caitlyn Ching

Key Features of the North


  • The economy of the North was based on manufacturing.
  • Many immigrants from Europe began working in factories and producing goods used by people in the North.
  • Many factories began producing textiles
  • Short growing season


  • More Northerners were part of the Whig/ Republican Party


  • Easier transportation
  • Canals
  • Well organized Education and Religion
  • Many large cities were establishes
  • 7/8 Irish, German and other European immigrants settled in the North
  • The north had 2/3 of the railroad tracks

Northern (Smith) Family Tree

  • They lived in Massachusetts
  • The Smith men of the house ran a manufacturing business together, while the Smith woman stayed home to clean and cook.
  • In their free time the Smith family went to church.

Key Features of the South


  • The economy of the South was based on agriculture.
  • Cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar cane
  • Cotton became the most important crop after Ely Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin.
  • More slaves were now needed to pick the cotton.
  • Slavery became essential to the South’s economy.


  • More Southerners were part of the Democratic Party


  • 80% of labor force worked on the farm
  • No large cities besides new or lands
  • Few whites in the south were educated
  • Hard transportation except by canal
  • Lots of children
  • 1/3 of the population was slaves, they were also aloud to have family of there own
  • Only 1/4 farmers owned slave labor

Southern (Paterson) Family Tree

  • The Paterson's owned a plantation in Georgia
  • On there plantation, the Paterson family grew cotton. The Paterson's owned slaves that worked hard in the fields picking cotton from day rise to sun down.
  • In their free time the Paterson family played games together, they also attended community get togethers.