Cheerleading isn't a sport?

Why do people say cheer isn't a sport?

The Strategy it takes to be a cheerleader is insane!

Cheerleading is one of the top 5 most dangerous sports in the country, people think that cheerleading isn't a sport because they think there isn't strategy. But if cheerleading didn't involve strategy it wouldn't be anything, so there wouldn't be cheerleading. Cheerleading is probably the top sport that needs strategy to even be done, so cheerleaders would be nothing without strategy for their teams. So listen to why cheerleading is made up almost completely of strategy and why it really is a sport!

These ALL take strategy!

All Star Cheerleading

All-star cheerleaders are nearly five times more likely to suffer from some serious injuries during practice or performance than any other sports including football and soccer.

Practice makes perfect!

  • Almost all of the all star cheerleading teams around the world practice 7 days a week. So everyday of the week is a practice day for all star cheerleaders!

  • Out of the 7 days of practices in the week, 2 of those practices are full of conditioning and building their bodies up for the cheer season. If you want to be a cheerleader you have to be able to lift your body weight up if your gonna lift someone else up!

Wreck Cheerleading is born...

  • Cheerleading was born in Minnesota

  • In 1920 females at the university of minnesota began to form female cheer squads and incorporate tumbling into their routine.

  • In 1980 cheerleaders began to add more stunts to their.

All Star Cheerleading is born....

In 1980 all star cheerleading was born, all of the competitive sides of cheerleaders came out! Cheerleaders that were extra competitive couldn't do any competitive activity really until all star was created and that was in the 1980's. In 1980, all of the competitive cheerleaders came out from wreck and football to compete and see who is the best of the best all star cheerleading teams! So that was the start of the amazing all star cheerleading!
Full Force All Stars - FORCE
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Flyers are the smallest on the cheerleading squad they are the ones lifted into the air by the bases! The flyers have to squeeze all of their body weight and lock their legs in the stunts so they can prevent even the slightest risk of falling and inuring themselves. That's the only way they can keep their balance and stay up in the air without the bases giving out because the flyer is not pulling up enough weight to stay up.
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Bases and Spotters

Any person on the team can be a base unless it's a person that is smaller than the flyer or isn't strong enough to lift the flyer up! Bases are usually the same height so the flyer can be as level and sturdy as she can. A base is the main way the flyer will stay in the air and won't get hurt from falling. If a flyer falls and the bases don't at least try to catch her, the bases will get in big trouble because the flyer is basically trusting you with her life because if she falls straight down, she could end up with very serious injuries. Once a flyer is dropped and gets a very bad injury she will most likely either not want to fly or will have a fear of going back into tricky stunts right away! This is why the bases and spotters are a very important part of a cheerleading stunt and the life of their flyer!
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Back Spotter

The back spot plays a very important role to the stunt group as well as the rest of the positions! The back spot knows if the stunts going to fall and if something needs fixed, or if the flyers gonna fall back to warn the bases because the back spot won't be able to catch her! The back spot plays the role of catching and making sure the flyers head is catchable so the back spot is the prevention of the head and spinal injuries for the flyers! So the flyers should be very grateful when they have back spots because sometimes cheerleaders do stunts that don't involve back spots at all!
Kyle and Darby America's Got Talent 2013 Season 8 Week 3 Auditions


At the University of Minnesota in 1884, cheerleading was born with a male who started yelling a cheer. Then at Princeton University a cheerleading team was created with all males and that's how it all started, with all men! Cheerleading was started with men and now 97% of cheerleaders are females! about 80% of cheerleaders have a B point grade average in school, so they really smart even though some people think they're not smart at all and just yell to the crowd for fun! But really they're smarter then some of their classmates, probably more than just some.