Cell Division

Tak Kayz III



Cell Cycle Quiz

1.What is the M phase?

2.What is the G1 phase?

3.What i the S phase?

4.What is the G2 phase?

5.What is Cytokinesis?

6.What is the rare exception in the cell cycle?

7.Which phase comes before cell division?

8.Another name for M phase?

9.What is the Cell Cycle?

10.Which phase are cells copied?


1.Division of the nucleus.

2.Offspring cells reach maturity.

3.DNA and chromosomes are copied

4.Cell wait to divide

5.Division of cytoplasm

6.G0 phase

7.G2 phase


9.Repeating set of events in the life of a cell

10.S phase

Mitosis Quiz

1. During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes line up along the middle of the dividing cell?
2. The two main stages of the cell cycle are called
3. The first phase of mitosis is called
4.Sea stars are genetically different from each other and from their parents. These genetic differences are the result of

5. When the DNA in a cell is uncoiled and spread throughout the nucleus it is called

6.DNA in a cell is copied during

8. The spindle fibers are produced by the

9. Cleavage furrows form in which type of cells?

10. Cells spend most of their time in what phase?



2.mitosis and interphase


4.asexual reproduction


6.S phase





1.segments of DNA on a chromosome

2. 2 sets of divisions

3. number of chromosomes each parent cell (sperm or egg) contributes

4. number of chromosomes human body cells have

5. pairs of homologous chromosomes line up at the center of the cell and spindle fibers attach to the centromere of homologous chromosomes

6.exchange of genetic material in chromosomes which causes genetic variation in meiosis

7.sister chromatids are pulled apart at the centromere by the spindle fibers and move toward opposite poles

8. homologous chromosomes separate and migrate toward opposite poles

9. reduction-division process that forms gametes; involved in genetic variation in organisms

10.synapsis occurs and crossing over can happen between homologous chromosomes




3. 23

4. 46

5. Metaphase I

6.Crossing over

7.Anaphase II

8.Anaphase I


10. Prophase I