James And The Giant Peach

Roald Dahl


James was a boy when his parents had passed away. He was forced to be sent to his Horrible Aunt Sponges and Aunt Spikers house. They forced him to work just for their fun to see it!, He barely had time to eat even sleep!! One day he was working out in the yard and had went into this grassy area and had ran into a random man he had NEVER seen and the man told him to come closer and, gave him some magic slimy green things, whenever he got them he started running to go try them out but had tripped on a tree root of his Aunts Old Peach Tree and the beans spilt and disappeared into the soil, After a while his Aunts had notice a GIANT peach in their front yard!? James that night had decided to dig into it and see what it was like and there were GIANT BUGS??!!