Visser's Voice

Week 27: March 23-27

Curriculum Connections

Math - I can classify, sort, and define the attributes of 2D and 3D shapes.

Social Studies - I can give examples of good citizens.

Reading - I can identify the elements of a variety of fairytales.

Writing - I can revise and edit to show my character's feelings.

Science - I can tell how weather changes from season to season.

Open House....finally!

Thank you to those who were able to attend Open House this year. I know the weather really threw a bunch of things off! Open House is always a favorite of mine. I loved seeing the children's faces when they were showing you their work. They are so proud of the things they do and love sharing that with you!

SURPRISE FIELD TRIP to Casa Manana! More info to come in Monday Folder!

Dates to Remember!

March 25 - Report Cards in Google Drive

April 3 - Casa Manana Field Trip

May 1 - Perot Museum Field Trip

May 8 - Field Day

Spelling Test Friday, March 27th!