Family Frustrations

A Play By McDen Theatre Company

Setting (Beach Vacation)

The setting of this play takes place on a beach somewhere on West Coast. The McDen family is taking a beach vacation and they chose California. The beach is very sunny with deep blue water and white sandy beaches. The play most of the time takes place on the sand, but at one point moves into the ocean. The water will be directly in the middle back of the stage, the upstage. We did this because on stage when we come to the part of the play where the focus is in the water, that part of the stage will be the only place lit. There will be two spots on the sand that will be the focus points, one on either side of the water. On stage left is where the family is set up and is where the majority of their interactions take place. At stage right is where Travis interacts with the beach girl. This stage will be slightly lit at all times from one light that will appear to be the sun. All other lights will be used when necessary according to which part on the play we need lit. We will have a few props here and there, stage left we have the families beach towels and a black umbrella which is used as the shade. On the other side of the stage we do not need any props because the majority of action that takes place there is dialogue. Center stage will rarely be used in this play, it is really just one big stage left and one big stage right. Overall our setting is a very basic beach area including the sounds of waves and seagulls in the distance.