German Culture

By Jack Hynes

Informational Essay

German culture is very fascinating. It is a very large part in German peoples everyday life. The difference from German culture to the United States of America’s culture is amazing. For example the main sport in Germany is football. Same in the USA right? Wrong. The words are different but similar in many ways. My essay will tell you what German Culture is really like.

In Germany, sports is a very large part of the culture. The main sport in Germany is soccer, or as they call it football. Other popular sports in Germany are handball, tennis, volleyball, racing, ice hockey, and basketball. There are estimated to be around 39 million people in Germany who play sports.There are more than 6.3 million official members in the German Football Association (Culture of Germany). It is the largest sports organization worldwide. At the professional level the Bundesliga is the most popular and best football organization. It contains clubs that are considered the best football clubs worldwide. Such as FC Bayern Munich, and Borussia Dortmund. The German national club which is an international team, has won 4 FIFA World Cups only 1 behind Brazil who has won 5. Germanys most recent win was this last year in 2014 when they beat the Netherlands. The FIFA World Cup is only held every 4 years like the olympics, so it is very prestigious to have won 4 times (Culture of Germany).

The German language is very different from English. Although English first derived from German, it has evolved into a brand new language. Today the German language is spoken by more than 180 million people worldwide. 100 million of them being native speakers (people who are first taught to learn German), and 80 million who are non native speakers (people who learn it over time but is not their main language)(German Language).

German media is also a very large part of the German culture. In Germany it has the largest TV market in all of Europe. It has 34 million homes who have TV (German Culture Media). Around 90% off households have either cable or satellite TV. Besides TV, Germany produces books in mass. German speaking book publishers produce 700 million books and are made from 80,000 different copies of books per year. And each year 60,000 of the titles are new and 20,000 are books from past years that are still in high demand.

German music has a very large history dating back to the mid 1700’s. In 1795 Beethoven a world renowned artist released his most famous symphony the 7th of 9 in total. Although while working on his 10th he died. His symphonies have entertained millions worldwide then in 1795 and still today in 2015. Another very famous musician is Bach. Although he did not write 9 symphonies, his work was still exquisite.Germany has the largest music market in Europe and the third largest worldwide. Recently it has had a strong impact on techno and rock music. Germany has recently started hosting rock music festivals. The Rock am Ring festival is the largest music festival worldwide. In 2007 it had 150,000 people visit the festival. Other events such as Wave-Gotik-Treffenand M'era Luna Festival easily attracts 30,000 people.

In closing, Germany has a very interesting culture and very different from ours in the USA. It spans from winning the FIFA World Cup in 2014 as a national German team, to Beethoven and Bach back in the 1700’s. German culture is overall amazing and fascinating and if I could move from the USA, I would want to live in Germany because it is so amazing and different.

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Perspective essay

It’s 6 AM in the morning and I am up and ready. The previous night I was filled to the brim with clothing, toiletries and other various items. My owner grabs my handle and rolls me out the door and into the trunk of his car. I am in complete darkness and I will remain in it for at least a half hour until we arrive at the airport. Although it is pitch black, I am not scared. This is just my life. Every few weeks I am loaded up put in a trunk then on an airplane then repeat. When we arrive at the airport I know I am being looked at with jealousy because my leather has been dyed bright red and I stand out like a sore thumb. After being lugged through security I am brought to a stop and I am lifted on a conveyor belt that moves into a dark room and I am eventually loaded onto the airplane that owner is on. On the plane I glance around and see that someone has brought their dog. It is somehow asleep and peaceful which means it will be a nice easy flight. When we land I am brought back off the plane and put onto another conveyor belt and pushed out onto a line with other bags. I see my owner spot me and he grabs me quickly. I have to be wheeled around for awhile longer until we reach to rental car service. My owner rents a car and I am once again in the back of a trunk. Until I am brought inside a fancy hotel where I will be unzipped and lay on the floor for a week doing nothing until we leave back for home. Then I will have to repeat this process again and again and again until I am too worn out to suitably hold my owners belongings. It’s time to leave and I go through the exact same thing. A trunk. A conveyor belt. A sleeping dog. Another conveyor belt. And finally another trunk. When we get home I will be unpacked and put into a dark lonely closet which I will have to stay in until the time is right. When I will be in another trunk another conveyor belt. Be with another dog. And another conveyor belt and another trunk. But, that’s the life of being a suitcase.