Golden lion tamarin

By: h.s


  • Mammal
  • Golden-orangish coat
  • 34-40 cm. long
  • 630-710 grams
  • Communicate by using visual,vocal,and chemical systems
  • There nails are Lon and narrow and more "v" shaped nails to help them eat

Food chain & habitat

  • Golden lion tamarins like to eat fruit, insects, and small vertebrates
  • They find their food in trees or vines
  • They are omnivores
  • Golden lion tamarins are not predators
  • They are located in southeast Brazil
  • Their terrain is the rainforest
  • The climate they live in is tropical
  • There home is in the trees


  • Golden lion tamarins have long narrow hands and fingers to help them eat and for protection
  • They make bird like noises
  • They are very active
  • They can leap from branch to branch
  • They live in a group of two to eight

Reason for endangerment & critical information

  • It is endangered because poachers like to kill them for their unique golden-orangish coat
  • These poor golden lion tamrins are being killed just for their fur
  • On the black market they can be as much as $20,000 so please donate to save the golden lion tamrin.
  • To help golden lion tamrins habitat humans are saving trees and giving them food
  • to help the golden lion tamrins you can go to and donate any where from 1 penny to a million dollars
Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey