From the Library

Jan 2016

Just Sign Up! Library Websites

This lesson will use the computer carts to show students how to login to the various databases. They can practice going in and out of them, trying one article in each. A great home-school connection that will open up reader's workshop opportunities as well!

Just Sign Up: Cause and Effect. After we review this nonfiction structure, we'll write to the new question tree, which has 21 ponderings.

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Three books that bring civil rights injustice alive for kids

Black History, Diverse Experiences, Strong Characters

If you seek MLK Jr. books, we have a wonderful selection in the biography section. You'll also find a bin of African-American focused titles up front. As an American dedicated to being inclusive, make a promise with yourself to read SOMETHING diverse in the next month.

Chinese New Year begins Feb. 8

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New scripts are in the book room

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