Living An Ageless Life

Presented by Amore Enterprises

A seminar for women of all ages who are ready to take control of their aging process

Make it a girl's day out!

Feel like you have reached a certain age and now you're in a rut? Not ready to give up?

Do you just know there's got to be more in life for you? Are you ready to reinvent yourself?

Ms. Brown has the answers to your questions, ideas, tips a new way of thinking and many surprises packed into this incredible seminar.

Like Ms. Brown, you too can turn back the clock in your aging process!

$150 Registration Fee, lunch is included

Contact us at (503)380-5837 for questions and to reserve your seat.

Living An Ageless Life Seminar

Saturday, Sep. 19th, 10am-2pm

315 Southeast Olympia Drive

Vancouver, WA

Hampton Inn & Suites

$150 Registration Fee, Lunch included

Contact us at (503)380-5837 to purchase tickets

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