Day 4 saw the gang recording data on the final 3 sites of the River Ogmore. Starting in Blackmill the first sample was taken before the confluence between the River Ogmore and the Ogwr Fach, with the second being recorded after, in order to see the differences in the channel and flow.

The final recordings were taken near the town of Ogmore-by-sea, where some students were up to their chests in water gaining the final measurements. After the work had been completed the group had a giant water fight where NOBODY was safe, the highpoints being Matt R's bellyflop into the river, Mrs Preece tackling Mr Davey into the River and the class turning on their FSC instructors to give them an absolute soaking.

Mr Pope's Gallery

Day 4 Tasks

The Day 4 tasks are courtesy of Aisha and Barwaqo (Year 9)

Data Collection - Mid-Lower Course.

We measured the width and the depth of the river bank. We used a wooden metre stick for the depth to see how deep the river was, and measuring tapes to measure the length of the river from the left bank to the right. We also collected data for our scatter graphs.....

Scatter Graphs

We drew a graph to represent our data that we collected at the river. We plotted the points on the graph and drew the line of best fit. After that we drew a scatter graph showing the relationship between velocity and distance from the source. .

Evaluation of Method

Basically we went down to the mouth of the river and measured different areas. We used all sorts of equipment. At first it can be confusing but the more you practice the more easier it becomes.. There were loads of stones, rocks and pebbles at the bottom of the river (bedload) when we were measuring the flow of the river with a hydro prop (flow metre) there were many rocks in our way which slow the water and there were also people in our way which stops the hydro prop from going fast.


Monday, July 22nd, 8pm

Margam Country Park, Margam, United Kingdom


-Evaluation of method and results.

- Lunch