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We Read Shakespeare... What Are You Reading?

No, the portfolios aren't done yet.

This is always and exciting, sad, and stressful times for students and teachers. We're getting ready to leave each other, leave familiarity, and trying to tie up loose ends (or finish correcting portfolios). If you student seems a little cranky in the next couple weeks, that's probably why. Even though I know some are very excited to move on to the high school, transitions and change are still unsettling.

So, if your student signed up for Honors 9, I'll be discussing summer reading with them this week. I'll also attach some info below, so if it pertains to your child, make sure you take a look at the work as it must be completed on the first day of school!

Finals will be Wednesday and Thursday of next week, depending on your child's schedule, and there will be a final over just the Midsummer Night's Dream unit on finals day- we are NOT having a comprehensive final. (Good news!)

As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns. I believe this will be my last newsletter of the year.

Signing off...

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HOMS 8th Grade English

Summer Reading for Honors 9

Please see the picture below to read all about the Summer reading assignment for anyone signed up for English Honors 9. I'll also be sending out the assignment with attachments via email. It is your student's responsibility to sign up for the Schoology course for Honors 9 to keep up on all that's going on in regards to preparation for the class and summer reading. It looks as if they'll need to do a little research on some of these terms if they don't remember the ones we've gone through!

Schoology Code:


Good luck! (It's one of my favorite books!)

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What's going on this week:

Monday: Happy Memorial Day

Tuesday: Midsummer- Act II Scene I Quiz, Read Act II Scene II

Wednesday: Midsummer- Act II Scene II Quiz, Read Act III Scene I

Thursday: Midsummer- Act III Scene I Quiz, Read Act III Scene II, Read all of Act IV for homework.

Friday: Midsummer- Act IV Quiz, Final Blour! Read all of Act V for homework

Books are due!

If you could, please encourage your child to check underneath his/her bed, and anywhere else a library or classroom library book could be hiding! Books are due as of RIGHT NOW! :)
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Summer Speech Camp!

This is just another reminder to seriously consider, with your child, of course, taking advantage of the summer speech camp at Prior Lake High School. Being a part of a speech team not only builds life-long friends and skills, but it looks great on college applications... and it's fun! Sign up here!

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