Junior High Journal

Norfolk Jr.High

By Arly pineda

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The Florida panther is an endangered subspecies of cougar (Puma concolor) that lives in forests and swamps of southern Florida in the United States. Its current taxonomic status (Puma concolor coryi or Puma concolor couguar) is unresolved, but recent genetic research alone does not alter the legal conservation status. This species is also known as the cougar, mountain lion, puma, and catamount; but in the southeastern United Statesand particularly Florida, it is exclusively known as the panther. Florida panthers are usually found in pinelands, hardwood hammocks, and mix swamp forests.

Males can weigh up to 160 pounds (73 kg)[3] and live within a range that includes the Big Cypress National Preserve, Everglades National Park, and the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.] This population, the only unequivocal cougar representative in the eastern United States, currently occupies 5% of its historic range. In the 1970s, there were an estimated 20 Florida panthers in the wild, and their numbers have increased to an estimated 100 to 160 as of 2011.[5] In 2013, it was reported that there are only 160 Florida panthers in the wild.In 1982, the Florida panther was chosen as the Florida state animal.


In the Kingdom of Iceland, a princess named AVA has the power of freezing and creating ice. Her younger sister, EMMA, loves to play with her. When AVA accidentally hits EMMA on the head with her gift, she almost kills her. Their parents bring them to trolls that save EMMA 's life and makes her forget the ability of her sister. AVA returns to the castle and maintains herself a recluse in her room with fear of hurting EMMA with her increasing power.

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Arly Pineda went to The Art Institute of New York City to be a fashion designer and to follow her dreams. She went there for two-years and got a associate degree or a four-year bachelor's degree to gain more knowledge and improve her qualifications for her career. Fashion designers get paid a mean $35.54 per hour or $73,930 as of May 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the lowest-earning 10 percent made less than $15.72 per hour or $32,700 per year, while the highest-paid 10 percent received $61.45 per hour or $127,820 per year. While I was done with college, I found a man of my life and got married. His name is logan wood. After we had been dating for a while, and had two kids named Alejandra and Sergio. They are both two years-old and have the same birthday.
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Nursery Rhyme

Create a headline & byline to your article (this will go at the top of your article!) Write a news article like the Jack and Jill article I wrote! Use Google Classroom to access the document & Create a Google document & Title it as Nursery Rhyme.You need at least 6 or more complete sentences for this article!

When you are finished writing it PROOFREAD IT for errors- I will grade for this, so make sure to do it!!!!!! Share the document with me through Google Classroom & I will grade it and you will get it back to put on your Smore account when we get to that point.

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Movie review

Movie Review Notes

Answer these questions about a movie you have recently seen that you really liked. Use this worksheet to write the notes for your movie review. When finished with your notes, look at the examples and type in PARAGRAPH FORM your movie review.


Movie Title: Frozen

Main Actors/Actresses: List their real name & character in the movie.

Kristen Bell


Anna (voice)

Idina Menzel

Elsa (voice)

Jonathan Groff

Kristoff (voice)

Josh Gad

Olaf (voice)

Santino Fontana

Hans (voice)

Alan Tudyk

Duke (voice)

Ciarán Hinds

Pabbie / Grandpa (voice)

Chris Williams

Oaken (voice)

Stephen J. Anderson

Kai (voice)

Maia Wilson

Bulda (voice)

Edie McClurg

Gerda (voice)

Robert Pine

Bishop (voice)

Maurice LaMarche

King (voice)

Livvy Stubenrauch

Young Anna (voice)

Eva Bella

Young Elsa (voice)

When did the movie take place? (What year did the movie come out in theaters?)

The movie took place in the USA and came out in November 27 2013

Theme/Moral/Message of the movie: That people can't ALWAYS TELL YOU CAN'T DO IT CUZ I ALWAYS CAN

Intended Audience (Bold or Highlight): G PG PG-13

Your opinion of the movie (why did you like it?):

Because IT WAS something my family and i watch a lot like kid movies

**Now use this information and create a Movie Review BELOW! Submit online! Use the RUBRIC to make sure you have all of your information for the movie review!

Summary of the Movie in your own words:

In the Kingdom of Iceland, a princess named AVA has the power of freezing and creating ice. Her younger sister, EMMA, loves to play with her. When AVA accidentally hits EMMA on the head with her gift, she almost kills her. Their parents bring them to trolls that save EMMA 's life and makes her forget the ability of her sister. AVA returns to the castle and maintains herself a recluse in her room with fear of hurting EMMA with her increasing power.

Movie Review Rubric


Total Points




Complete Sentences (6+)



Does story line make sense? You describe the movie in enough detail, yet you don’t give the entire movie ending away!

3- What else happens in the movie? Why do you like it? Are other characters involved?


Sentences have correct punctuation (proofread) (1-2 errors=4; 3-4=3; 5-6=2; 7-8=1; 9+=0)



Correct spelling of words(1-2 errors=4; 3-4=3; 5-6=2; 7-8=1; 9+=0)



Catchy Introduction- You capture us by using a quote, fact, story, question, etc.



Conclusion (Sum up info.)- You leave us thinking about the movie. Make us want to watch it!



Written in own words (NOT plagiarized)- You use the information, but write it using your own words.



I had someone proofread my work BEFORE I submitted it.

Who proofread your story?




40 pts.


By Gabriella Chu

Are you into suspense? Gone is a thriller about a girl named Jill who is convinced that the serial killer who abducted her before, is now after her sister too. But because of her history as a mental patient, police refuse to believe her, so Jill has no choice but to fly solo in the desperate chase for her sister. Can she take on this crime all by herself? The movie succeeds in keeping me intrigued with its relentless pace. The story is clever, and the script contains quite a few witty lines. Both Jill's side and the police's side of the story are understandable, and the script has some good comebacks. I especially liked the ending because it was subtle and not very predictable. The cinematography is also elegant. Several scenes depict the beauty of the vast expanse of Forest Park, and the lighting of the film matches with the movie's tone. However, there are some small aspects of the movie that are not very realistic. For example, as Jill asks people for information on the murderer, they are willing to tell her everything, including the person's address. Other than that, I enjoyed this movie! I recommend this film to teens 13 and up because there are many twists and turns in the plot that younger kids might not follow..

Tooth Fairy 2
Description - Larry Guthrie (Larry the Cable Guy) is a fun-loving dreamer with a serious mission: win back the love of his life before she makes a terrible mistake and marries the wrong man! In his attempt to get back on his long lost love's good side, Larry visits the school where she works and make's a horrible mistake� He accidentally tells a child that the Tooth Fairy is just a myth. Crushing the child's dreams sets off a chain of events that are far more than Larry bargained for including being "sentenced" to become a Tooth Fairy or face having his memories erased for good�PLUS losing any chance of getting back the girl of his dreams! Larry is brought before a 500-year-old Tooth Fairy stuck in a 10-year-old girl's body (played by newcomer Brady Reiter) for sentencing. The Tooth Fairy demands that Larry make retribution by temporarily serving as a Tooth Fairy and proving that Tooth Fairies really do exist. His mission? Larry must collect 20 teeth in 20 days. With his orders in hand, Larry embarks on a journey to prove the existence of Tooth Fairies and to win back the love of his life.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - A heartwarming and different kind of comedy. Great for a family movie night. It is funny right from the beginning and very entertaining. At first I wasn't sure if this would be good for younger children (under age 8,) especially when Larry the Cable Guy takes away the boy's (Gabe) belief in the tooth fairy. However, Larry definitely works on getting Gabe's belief back. The material is appropriate and there is no violence or bad language. Good, clean humor, with messages about believing in yourself and living up to your potential. Larry encouraged the children and was helpful. It is fun to watch him throw magic powder in the air, and at night when his feet would start glowing and he would turn into the Tooth Fairy. The fast and slow motion effects in the movie when Larry was the tooth fairy really added to the story. Larry teaches us that love is about being with someone whose greatest memory is of you.

KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Ten teeth in ten days sounds impossible for a brand new tooth fairy helper, right? Well Larry Guithery (Larry the Cable Guy) makes it possible. He is on a mission, but not just any mission, a mission to restore faith in the tooth fairy and to keep his best memory. This is an enjoyable movie. There isn't a dull moment or a moment when I did not laugh. The main characters in this film include Larry Guithery (Larry the Cable Guy; Cars 1 and Cars 2). Other main characters are Beauregard "Bo" Billings (David Mackey), Brook (Erin Beute), the adorable tooth fairy, Nyx (Bradley Reiter). All of the tooth fairy costumes are out of this world. When I saw Larry in a pink tutu and tights I laughed my head off! That is one of my favorite costumes and scenes. I recommend this movie for ages 5-12. If parents watch this movie with their kids, they will find it to be funny and a good story. Kids of these ages will like this film because of the jokes and comedy. Tooth Fairy 2 ranges from physical and exaggerated comedy to romance and love. It has fart jokes and funny dancing that made both my mom and I laugh. I knew from the moment I saw Larry the Cable Guy that this movie is hilarious and I was right. Even though some of the silly jokes do not fully grab my attention and make me laugh, I give Tooth Fairy 2 , four stars. This film comes out on March 6, 2012. So if you are in the mood for some comedy, or if you are a fan of Larry the Cable Guy, mark your calendar for the premiere of Tooth Fairy 2.