Part #2: Brain Buzz

When will I KNOW? How do I GROW? Can I truly SURRENDER?

"Going Region"...for me, the months ahead needed to be different than the months behind had been. No more posting signs with my goal in the house only to take them down mid-month. No more critters, "It's not the time" or "Too much else going on." How do we know?

It'd be really hard to go to Region with a team of 2...we want a big, wide, dedicated team running with us...working the system, seeking to grow, and full of vision and belief! When our team emerges...we encourage them to reach for bonuses, qualifications, and promotions with us...we all grow together! Power in numbers! Maintenance isn't enough!

Once we know it's time and we have a growing team...the last piece is surrender. The amount of QV needed to promote seems incredible, and has felt impossible up until this point...or we would've achieved it already. In order to hit that number, we just have to take the first step and let the rest of the staircase present itself later. Crazy things will happen. Miracles. The impossible will become possible.

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  1. EVERY morning, remind yourself of your goal. Don't let the day dictate it for you.
  2. Be unbreakable. When someone says NO, remind yourself you once said NO too!
  3. Envision yourself in a new place post-promotion. In the car. With your kids more. Etc.


  1. Be willing to DO whatever it takes. Even if your team doesn't follow your lead.
  2. Be a goal setter. Breed goal setters. Show them how-to achieve & BE a goal getter!
  3. Who's working? You can't do this alone. Show them activity! Their numbers will follow.


  1. Walk by belief, not sight. Easier said than done. Do not check your numbers constantly.
  2. Tell people this is happening. Have your promotion on the tip of your tongue.
  3. Whatever you do...don't give up, check out, or unplug. Keep going! Call your upline!